5 Popular Lighting Techniques In Modern Kitchen Remodeling

#1: Satin Nickel

nice satin nickel fixtures image

#2: Brushed Brass

Brushed brass is treasured for its golden hue and impactful effect on your overall kitchen design.

#3: Semi or Fully-Hidden Fixtures

nice semi hidden light fixtures

#4: Task Lighting

The key to task lighting… is to figure out how you will be using your beautiful new kitchen

#5: Core Pendant Lighting

mixed pendant lamps in a beautiful kitchen

A Few Lighting Design Rules

Some rules to keep in mind when creating your lighting design.
  • Certain materials such as granite and stainless steel have a highly-reflective surface. It’s best to use diffuse light over those areas to prevent harsh glares.
  • The standard hanging height for lighting over counter space and kitchen islands is 30-inches. You can lower it so children can reach them if you wish. Or, you can always go higher if you want to produce more intrigue.
  • Some LEDs can be slightly too bright when mounting them under your cabinets. One trick is to mount them sideways against the inside skirt. This directs the brightest light towards the wall and offers a softer light for your workspace.

Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts On Kitchen Lighting Techniques

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