Courteous & Clean

I Absolutely Insist The We Always
Treat You & Your Home With Courtesy

I’m So Serious About This I Tell My Guys: “If You
Leave A Cigarette Butt Lying Around, You’re Fired.”

A Message From Donald Robbins, Owner of Robbins Construction:

“I think most people would say I’m not one to get worked up easily. But I do have a handful of things that I’m kind of fanatical about.”

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  • One is always being up front and honest with our customers.
  • Another is: if we make a mistake, own up to it and fix it.
  • And the other big one for me is this: ALWAYS be courteous and ALWAYS clean up after ourselves.

Expect To Hear THANK YOU A Lot When You Deal With Robbins Construction

I tell my team that saying “thank you” is mandatory at Robbins Construction.

And this applies in every situation: People visiting our office should hear it; you should hear it when we come to your home; and you should definitely hear it when the job is finished.

Saying thank you a lot reminds us that we are grateful that you are considering doing business with us – and we are grateful when you choose us.

Plus, showing politeness is just the right way to treat people.

If We Mess Up, We’ll Make It Right

I believe another way we show courtesy and respect to our customers is by taking responsibility if something goes wrong.


We do work hard to minimize any chance that things will go wrong. And I think our track record of 5-star reviews shows that homeowners are very happy with our results.


But what I won’t ever do is try and pretend like we are 100% perfect, 100% of the time.


But I will promise that if we mess anything up, we’ll fix it fast and appropriately – PERIOD.


Leaving Trash Around Your Home Is NEVER Acceptable

I’ve told my installers that if they leave cigarette butts behind at a job site, it’s grounds for firing.


That might sound extreme, but really… how hard is it to pick up after yourself? 


Our customers’ homes should be always be respected and leaving trash behind is simply not acceptable. I’ve worked hard over the years to find and retain installers who understand this – and weed out the ones that don’t.  


And while remodeling is sometimes a messy business, it’s not an excuse to leave a job site looking like a bomb hit at the end of the workday. We always remember that we are guests at your home and act accordingly.


If We Fall Short Of These Standards, I Want To Hear From You

Please reach out directly to me if we ever fall short of any of these standards. I never want anyone’s experience with Robbins Construction to be anything but courteous, pleasant, and clean.


Donald Robbins, Owner.

Are you ready for your next remodeling project? Let us take it to the next level. Schedule a free consultation today! 

As an example for small kitchen remodel ideas, this is an artistic image of a home kitchen in Memphis, TN with new cabinetry, a beautiful island, marble countertops, and new flooring from Robbins Construction.
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