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There’s a simple and easy way for homeowners to find out the TRUE reputation of any Tennessee home remodeling company they are considering:

Take a close look at their online reviews.

Online Reviews Are A Great Source Of Independent Information

Taken in total, online reviews can give you a remarkably accurate look at any Tennessee home remodeling company.

Ask yourself…

  • How many reviews do they have?
  • What is the average review rating?
  • How enthusiastic do people sound about the results and the experience with the remodeler?

If a Tennessee remodeling company has a nice sizeable bulk of reviews and almost all of them are very positive, that’s an excellent sign of what you can expect.

A Pattern To What People Say

It can be interesting to “dig in” and read the details of reviews. Read enough of them closely and you start to get an accurate picture of a company. Here are some quotes – all pulled exactly and directly from Google reviews – about Robbins Construction:

“The work was done on time and on budget, and the quality was great.”

“Robbins came through with the best price, the quickest timeline AND a very personable experience.”

“They were on time, professional, and finished a large project right on schedule. They are responsive to questions and have come back several times to tweak small things so that everything is perfect.”

“When the project ended and they were completely paid, Robbins didn't ghost us like many general contractors do when they move on to their next jobs. They continued to check in with us to confirm we were happy with the work they did and promptly touched up a few minor issues months later.”

We Want To EARN Your 5-Star Review

We now have 35+ Google Reviews and counting, and our average is a full 5-Stars. We are very grateful that we have had so many great customers who are willing to take the time to review us.

At the same time, we don’t ever want to take our track record for granted – we always want to continue EARNING those 5-Star reviews. 

If you choose us, we’d be honored and want to do the same kind of quality work for you that deserves 5-stars.

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