No Junk Allowed

That Cheap Remodeling Product May Be End Up Being VERY Expensive.

Here’s Why We Refuse To Install Junk When We Do Remodels & Additions

Robbins Construction is not the kind of company that comes on strong telling our customers how they should do everything. 

We don’t use sales pressure, and we always listen first and are unfailingly courteous.

But there is something we are absolute sticklers about: we call it our ‘No Junk Allowed Rule.’

If you’re asking us to install a product that we know is likely to fail… or look terrible… or not last… well, we tell you it’s a bad idea. 

The reason is simple: it’s a terrible long-term value that’s going to cause frustration later. It will have to be replaced or repaired – something nobody wants.

The Price Difference Between Lousy And High-Quality Might Not Be Nearly As Extreme As You Think

Now just because we steer you away from poor products does not mean you need to pay outrageous prices for quality products.

Here’s a concrete example that could help demonstrate what we mean:

Let’s say you see a deal on tile for an “incredibly low” price per square foot. We’ll take a look at it for you, but we can tell you that 99 times out of 100, super low-priced tile is not going to be square enough. The tolerances of the manufacturer for error will be too high, meaning when we install it, it will be impossible to make it fit together in a way that looks right.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to completely splurge on tile and buy the fanciest stuff on the market (unless of course that’s what you want!). In many cases, the difference you are talking about between ‘junky’ tile and quality stuff will only be a few hundred dollars total.

On a multi-thousand-dollar remodel, does it make sense to save a little bit for something that looks a lot worse?

We’ll guide you in these choices and show you how a little difference in price on a product can lead to much better and more reliable results. 

There are a hundred small examples we could give you, including avoiding installing appliances with poor track records and staying away from materials from unproven manufacturers.

We Don’t Just Tell You ‘That’s Bad’ – We’ll Explain ‘The Why’

There’s No Need To Install Junk When There Are Many Reasonably Priced Great Quality Options And Robbins Construction Is Your Reliable Guide.

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