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Welcome To The Tennessee Remodeling Company That Refuses To Play High Pressure Sales Games

We Leave Out All The Gimmicks & Sales Tactics, And Just Give You An Honest Estimate

At Robbins Construction, we understand that homeowners usually don’t like some of the sales tactics that have been traditionally used by contractors to “get the sale.”

We agree – we don’t like them either, and we don’t use them.

You Probably Know The Kind Of Tactics We’re Talking About…

  • Marathon sales calls where the salesperson doesn’t want to leave your home until you agree to sign a contract.
  • ‘Today Only’ discounts: if you don’t agree to sign right away, they tell you the price will be higher.
  • Any concern you bring up is immediately “talked away” without you having time to even think about it.

Our Process Is The Exact Opposite Of All That

Some Tennessee remodeling companies give you little or no explanation or breakdown of costs. You get a vague overall quote, but no explanation of the details. When a contractor does this, you’ll often discover in the middle of the project that everything becomes an “additional charge.”

Our way is different. We give you an accurate range, and if you like it, we ask for a small deposit. From there we get down to the specific product choices that determine your final pricing within the stated range. No work begins until we have given you an exact, finalized price.

We tell you how choosing different products will affect the budget, and no decisions or changes are made without your prior approval.

Some companies will tell you things like, “we can offer you a discount, but only if you sign today.” We think that is unfair at best and borderline dishonest at worst.

Why should the price go up tomorrow just because you weren’t ready to decide today?

That’s just a way to rush you into buying before you’ve had time to consider it.

Our quotes are never “today only” – in fact, we don’t even provide an estimate until after we can go back to the office and carefully and fairly calculate a true estimate.

Now just because we don’t come on strong with a sale pitch that doesn’t mean we won’t share our experience and expertise.

There are some contractors out there – usually ‘one guy and his truck’ type businesses – who won’t pressure you, but they also won’t provide much in the way of guidance either.  

We don’t ever push a decision on you, but we are here to educate you on the process and product choices you make. Our role is as a helpful and honest guide.

We admit our approach might not appeal to every homeowner, but we find most homeowners appreciate our ZERO PRESSURE approach. With us, it’s always YOUR decision, and made on your timetable.

There’s no risk and no obligation. Why not take the first step and reach out to us for a free consultation and estimate?

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