5 Popular Porch Styles For Your Memphis Home Which One is Best For your Home

Well, hi there, are you online learning about different types of porches, searching for not only inspiration but functional information to help you choose which is best for your home?

Getting ready to take one or more of your home’s entryways to the next level?

First, let’s briefly look at the primary benefits of porches that lead homeowners to invest in this particular kind of home improvement each year.

  • Porches provide more functional and beautiful living space for everyone to enjoy!
  • They can be either private and kept out of sight, or add character that’s visible from the street: dramatic curb appeal.
  • In many areas around the country, they can add substantial perceived value to a home without raising property taxes. Saving money is always nice.
  • Porches are an effective way to add more connection between indoor & outdoor areas.
  • Because they create larger spaces around entryways, they can increase security.

And what are the core determining factors of how successful your porch will be?

  1. The construction company you choose (workmanship).
  2. The specific materials used to build the porch.
  3. How well the porch addition or area is maintained over time.

For this article, we’ll assume you’re going to work with a high-caliber construction company that will help you choose the right porch for your home, made of the right materials, and offering the right amount of that ‘special something’ you’re looking for.

Here are five of the most common kinds of porches to get your creative juices flowing.

Most Common Porch #1: The Ever-Popular Front Porch

Honestly, the front porch will never go out of style. For some, they need to be a large and extravagant accessory to the home, while for others they tend to be more quaint & cozy.

It depends a lot on where you are in the country — in terms of both cultural norms and history, and regional weather. For example, the Northwest vs. the Northeast. Or, how about classic Southern-style homes vs the Midwest suburbs.

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  • If all you need is to provide specially designed cover for folks going in and out of your home, a portico will do nicely. But when you have more of a budget, a roomy and aesthetic front porch is always a winner.
  • Along with basic exterior remodeling projects like siding, roofing, windows, and doors, building a front porch is an incredibly powerful way to add style to your home. They add dimension and every detail can be customized and curated.
  • Most homeowners use these spaces to create more of a communal area. Front porches and their back porch counterparts have always been used as a place for people to gather. The convenience is desired because it’s connected to the home but not inside — you don’t need to take your shoes off.

Most Common Porch #2: The More Flexible Back Porch

The one major differentiator of a back porch from a front porch other than the location is privacy. And with privacy, homeowners have much more flexibility in what they can do with the space. Because of this, one could say front porches are typically presented in a much more ‘formal’ manner.

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  • Back porches are designed to create stronger bridges between indoor and outdoor areas or environments.
  • For example, you are bringing the backyard BBQ & social area much closer to the kitchen. Or, how about extending that family room outside for a more intimate connection with your landscaping.
  • Back porches also have the flexibility to be larger, more extensive, and provide far more multi-purpose functionality than front porches.

Most Common Porch #3: Farmer’s Porches

Given the name, you probably know where these originated from…farming or farm-style homes. They are often supported by strong beams and personalized railings that match the home’s general exterior, and they tend to face the front or the street.

Whether at ground level or elevated and complemented with stairs, they can line one side of the home or wrap completely around it.

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  • In terms of style, most would say Farmer’s Porches resemble classic New England homes, or ‘Country’ homes that have a traditional feel. Though they’ve become so common in some areas of the nation, they line suburban side streets.
  • A dependable high-value way to makeover the front of your home or perhaps extend and update your smaller front porch.

Most Common Porch #4: The Screened Porch

What if you want to create a porch so you can spend more time outside … but without any rain or BUGS to worry about? This is where the screened porch comes in. Just imagine game night on a cool summer afternoon without the pests buzzing around your table and guests.

Another benefit is the added privacy. Of course, you can still see through the screening and enjoy the view, but for people passing by it takes effort to try and make out who and what is behind them.

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  • Most often, screened porches are great additions to either the side of a home or in the back. Being on the front of the house presents more of a challenge in terms of aesthetics.
  • Homeowners need to keep in mind that even with all the benefits of the screened areas, natural light is going to be limited. Skylights can definitely help.

Most Common Porch #5: Gorgeous Decking!

No list like this would be complete without talking a bit about decking. While not usually called a ‘porch’ that’s exactly what decking is, although it’s almost exclusively in the back or sides of the home vs. the front.
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  • Decking can be incorporated into all the many popular and stylish elements of Outdoor Living.
  • Here at Robbins Construction, we have extensive experience in creating outdoor spaces often incorporating decking that provides outdoor countertops, professional-grade grills, smokers, built-in coolers, outdoor cabinetry, fire pits/fireplaces, and so much more!
  • The considerations with decking mainly revolve around maintenance requirements, for example, the difference between composites and all-natural wood decking.

Wrapping Up: Consult With A Local Remodeling Professional

Once you’ve swum through enough gorgeous images of porches and studied enough different styles and unique takes, be sure to consult with your local professional. They can provide all the small details, below-the-surface intricacies, and complex considerations with porches you need to make the best choice. We hope this has helped.

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