5 Popular Lighting Techniques In Modern Kitchen Remodeling

Your new kitchen deserves to be displayed to its full effect.

As you start considering the most popular kitchen design trends to help with your remodeling goals, choosing the best lighting to match your style is key.

Robbins Construction is a family-operated home remodeling company here in the Memphis, TN area. While we have access to more lighting options than you could ever imagine, in most of our kitchen projects we find these five techniques are common (functional).

#1: Satin Nickel

Satin nickel fixtures give off a refined vibe without taking over. The lines of kitchen fixtures are typically understated with the slight, silvery, shine of the satin nickel. Your fixtures will be quite visible, but they won’t become overbearing.

Satin nickel has the added advantage of providing a naturally clean look.

You’ll also find satin nickel fixtures make it easy to express a sense of refinement or get playful with modern designs. It’s versatile in the kitchen!

nice satin nickel fixtures image

#2: Brushed Brass

Brushed brass is treasured for its golden hue and impactful effect on your overall kitchen design.

Brushed brass is treasured for its golden hue and impactful effect on your overall kitchen design. It’s subtle. Refined, without overpowering the overall ambiance of the space.

You’ll find it usually ends up becoming more of an accent rather than a compliment.

After all is said and done and polished to a gleam, brushed brass finishes hide the fingerprint marks and give off a gentle glow. Light from fixtures just seems to tiptoe quietly about your kitchen.

Special Note: Brushed brass is especially adept at working within classic or treasured heirloom designs, but its gentle beauty works with just about any look. Use it to express your gentler side.

#3: Semi or Fully-Hidden Fixtures

To complement a modern look, hidden lighting is about luminescence over lines. The best comes from LED systems that either create soft lighting for diffuse fixtures, or showers features with bright white light.

  • The slim nature of LED allows you to hide the fixtures under cabinets or even inside them for practical effect.
  • These fixtures also allow you full use of your storage since they can be tucked completely out of the way.

Another feature is motion detection, which turns lights on whenever you need them and then shuts them off once you’re done.

Plus, the ability to add colorful depth can add some serious excitement and dimension to your design!

nice semi hidden light fixtures

#4: Task Lighting

The key to task lighting… is to figure out how you will be using your beautiful new kitchen

Task lighting is all about function… but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little style! You should install task lighting where you need it most. Popular choices are your favorite spot for chopping veggies or directly above your cooktop and sink.

The key to task lighting… is to figure out how you will be using your beautiful new kitchen. If you’re a recipe fanatic, make sure you have lighting where you intend to read your recipes.

Task lighting is often mounted using 6-inch and 4-inch recessed cans that can be aimed precisely where you need them to shine. Aside from simple day-to-day use, they also add flair to your kitchen ceiling with their little pools of light.

#5: Core Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights and track lighting are perfect for showing off a gorgeous island or expensive professional stove.

Your pendant lights have two jobs:

  1. First, their design can be saying, “Look at me!” while the pool of light below is shouting “Look at this!
  2. Pendant lighting can be pretty much anything you want them to be. The style choices are endless.

Go for an ultra-clean minimalist look or carry your guests back into the Roaring 1920s with antiqued brass and Edison accent lamps. You can choose a fun constellation chandelier or mix hanging height and styles.

mixed pendant lamps in a beautiful kitchen

A Few Lighting Design Rules

Some rules to keep in mind when creating your lighting design.

  • Certain materials such as granite and stainless steel have a highly-reflective surface. It’s best to use diffuse light over those areas to prevent harsh glares.
  • The standard hanging height for lighting over counter space and kitchen islands is 30-inches. You can lower it so children can reach them if you wish. Or, you can always go higher if you want to produce more intrigue.
  • Some LEDs can be slightly too bright when mounting them under your cabinets. One trick is to mount them sideways against the inside skirt. This directs the brightest light towards the wall and offers a softer light for your workspace.

Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts On Kitchen Lighting Techniques

Kitchen lighting gives you the opportunity to stamp a new style into your new kitchen!

Whether you want to show off your whimsical nature or cement an elegant look you’ve always dreamed of, your lighting choices will be the clincher.

The only limitation during your Full-Service Kitchen Remodel is your imagination. Take time to decide with your designers and builders how you want your kitchen to function, where extra light is critical, and what areas should be highlighted. In the Memphis area? Don’t hesitate to Contact Robbins Construction today. Get the process started. Soon you’ll be well on your way to a new custom luxury kitchen.

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