5 Technology Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Kitchen Remodel

These days, we can basically surround ourselves with the most advanced technology to date. From our cars and bedrooms to our home office and yes, the kitchen as well. It’s about convenience, luxury. It’s about getting connected. And sure, even staying informed and entertained around the food preparation area with high-def screens is completely normal.

As one of the most well-known and reputable home remodelers in the Greater Memphis area, at Robbins Construction our designers can do just about anything. We’re accustomed to threading and weaving technology into our high-end home improvement work.

So today, let’s look at five basic technologies you might consider as you inch closer to getting your project started.

Idea #1: Extravagant Kitchen Lighting Technology

When our designers sit down with homeowners to tackle new lighting, they have three types they need to balance for that perfect match of function & aesthetics — task lighting, safety lighting, and ambient lighting.

They achieve this through specific types of fixtures and new lighting products that have really only become widely accessible in the last decade or so.

What we’re talking about of course are smart lighting options. Imagine being able to control how your kitchen looks through an app on your phone or being able to set the mood exactly the way you want, with the touch of a finger from anywhere. This is a special convenience to consider as you reimagine the space.

Idea #2: Motorized Cabinetry & Counters For Extra Accessibility

While this technology might not be all that advanced compared to smart lighting setups, how many kitchens have you been in where the cabinets, countertops, and drawers can raise or lower at the touch of a button? Not many! But consider how often you’ve had to get in some awkward position or step on a stool to get something or put something away.

We’re not all 6-feet-tall. And not only do these new motorized kitchen systems make life easier, they tend to keep the door/drawer slamming to an all-time minimum. They’re whisper-quiet and impressive!

Idea #3: A Hidden Charging Station For All Your Small Devices

Are you used to searching for an outlet to charge your phone, tablet, camera, laptop, or Kindle? If your kitchen is like most, the current outlets are already being used by appliances and any number of products you depend on every day. Plus, who wants wires crisscrossing around the coffee maker or sink?

Why not have us build a special drawer into your waist-high cabinets hiding a charging station inside it? This way, everything can get juiced up without taking precious space.

Idea #4: Upgraded Cutting-Edge Smart Kitchen Appliances

Wow! When it comes to smart devices you can have in the kitchen, your options have been ballooning over the years. What was once a rare treat, is quickly becoming an integral part of most kitchen remodel upgrades. Let’s look at just a few of the most popular options.

  • A smart toaster for perfect slices every time – no more black burned toast!
  • Smart water filters and purifiers are becoming more and more popular.
  • Have you ever had a refrigerator with a malfunctioning ice maker? Why not upgrade to your own smart ice maker with a built-in wi-fi monitoring system?
  • Today’s smart coffee makers put the old school models to shame, and they make outstanding coffee without any complex apps.
  • Save water, save time, and eat off squeaky-clean plates using a modern dishwasher that’s energy-efficient and sleek.
  • Of course, there are up-to-date smart refrigerators with everything from built-in tablet screens, mobile accessibility, and even built-in cameras inside, so when you’re out grocery shopping, you’ll know exactly what you have and what you need.

Idea #5: Hands-Free Motion-Activated Faucets

How many times have you touched the faucet before being able to rinse? It’s frustrating, and often, we neglect to properly wash the area down with disinfectant afterward.

For this reason, among others, more and more kitchen remodeling budgets are incorporating hands-free faucets that are activated by motion. No longer are they a convenience you only see in commercial restrooms like gyms or gas stations.

Plus, truth be told, kids love them! They also save a LOT of water and are incredibly efficient. What’s not to like?

Note: If you’d like to see what the quality of our designs are like, head on over to our Kitchen Remodeling Gallery and see if you can spot the smart features.

Wrapping Up: Challenge Us | Let’s Go Jetsons-Style

Over the years, Robbins Construction has been chosen to work on literally all kinds of kitchen remodels across the Greater Memphis area: refined, classic, rustic, contemporary, and of course ultra-modern. Our designers and our team love a good challenge, so if you’re considering these types of kitchen features be sure and Reach Out To Us so we can give you all the details that make them work flawlessly.

We’re happy to take the time, sit down with you, go over your budget, and help crystallize your ideas. It’s actually a really fun part of the overall kitchen remodeling process.

Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to talking with you soon.

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