8 Stunning Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas For 2023

As an example for small kitchen remodel ideas, this is an artistic image of a home kitchen in Memphis, TN with new cabinetry, a beautiful island, marble countertops, and new flooring from Robbins Construction.

Okay, okay, while the title of this article is Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas…for 2023…honestly, the ideas we’re looking at today aren’t groundbreaking or revolutionary.

They’re time-tested, Robbins Construction-approved, focused on function, and practical.

And why should you care what we have to say on the topic?

Well, we’re a premier full-service home remodeling company here in the Memphis, TN area. We don’t really do ‘small’ kitchen remodels, however. Most are rather involved, which is our specialty.

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Some might consider that kitchen small in terms of square feet, but the project wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination. The work was extensive, covering new storage, appliances, lighting, custom countertops, the island, flooring, etc.

Compare that spacing to this kitchen’s layout; the image is also taken from our gallery:

Or, how about this one’s distinct contrast and styling with the background tile, countertops, custom new opened-up sink section, and extensive cabinetry:

The good news is any large lavish remodel idea can be downsized to suit a smaller kitchen for your small kitchen remodel ideas – with BIG impact.

Let’s jump right in and show you what we mean. Remember each of the images we’re using is from one of our local remodeling projects.

#1: Take Your Backsplash To New Heights

When consulting a remodeling guru to update your kitchen, one of the first places they’re going to look is your backsplash. Will a new coat of paint suffice? How about gorgeous new tiling? As you can see in the image above, we really added some dynamic depth.
  • If there’s no aesthetic or style whatsoever, adding some is an easy and cost-effective way to update the look of the space.
  • If there is a decent backsplash area, how outdated or drab is it? Can it be refurbished? Again, it’s a quick way to breathe new life into this part of the kitchen without breaking the bank.

#2: Add A New Island With Versatile Value

If you don’t have an island in your kitchen and space is available…boom… there’s a powerhouse way to create a fresh feel to the room. If you do, then the question is, how functional is it? How versatile of a role does it play in the area? Sure, you can hang your pots, pans, and kitchen utensils above, but other popular and functional options include:
  • More Space For Kitchen Seating
  • A New Area For Fresh Lighting (Pendants)
  • A New Food Prep & Serving Space
  • Can Include More Storage Space!

#3: Shelving, Shelving, Shelving

Cabinetry aside, are you currently underutilizing any space that could be transformed through open shelving? Take your kitchen’s overall motif, kick it into overdrive, or use the shelving for subtle artistic accents. Another simple trick with tremendous impact.

#4: Add New Dramatic Contrast

Even colorblind folks are drawn to that image of a kitchen remodel we did for a fun and artistic Memphis-area homeowner. Look at all that room! Can you spot the many places you could create more shelving, cabinets, and wall accents? The way the tiled flooring contrasts with the countertops, the light coloring of the surrounding area, wooded island, and cabinetry is inviting. You can do this in any sized space. Find colors you wouldn’t assume go together, and experiment. What other kinds of countertops can you picture for the central piece?

#5: Layer In Splashes of New Lighting

This is something we touched on in another article of ours: “5 Popular Techniques In Modern Kitchen Remodeling.” Each of the techniques we talk about can cause your kitchen to glimmer and become more functional in fantastic ways. The first two are materials we most commonly use; then there are the three most common kinds of updated lighting we layer into our remodeling projects.
  • Satin Nickel
  • Brushed Brass
  • Semi or Fully-Hidden Fixtures
  • Task Lighting
  • Core Pendant Lighting

#6: Expand Your Cabinetry System

We don’t need to spend a whole lot of time on this one because it’s obvious what expanded cabinetry can do: get rid of the clutter, increase home value, completely revamp the depth of the space, and add more shape — symmetry. The only considerations are what kind you should go with, what color will they be, and…see #7.

#7: Consider More Glass In The Right Places

If you want to make your small kitchen look and feel bigger, one way is to add more glass. For example, what if you refurbished your cabinetry above the counter to have glass doors? Suddenly, you can SEE all that extra space that was hidden before. Even if the cupboards are full of foods, cups, and plates, it gives the impression of depth.

Is there a door leading to your kitchen? If so, and it’s solid, consider replacing it with a new interior door sporting lots of beautiful glass — opening up the kitchen to space outside! Could you possibly add a new window or two and let the world in? Finally, mirrors are another way glass can boost your kitchen’s spaciousness.

#8: Replace Old Hardware & Update Appliances

Ditch that old refrigerator. Get rid of the outdated washing machine no one’s been using for…years? How old and hard to clean is your oven? KBR, from way out east, puts it this way:

In general, remember the latest appliances are not only more efficient, but they are also more ‘beautiful’ to look at. That said, do not prioritize form over function. Remember, appliances are long-term investments…Besides giving your kitchen a new look, these appliances are bound to give you the ‘hands-on’ change you deserve.

We couldn’t agree more. Replacing hardware and appliances can renew a small kitchen, but they also make the space more efficient overall.


A Tip On Embracing The Space

We’d like to add a tip from a really savvy guy named Mark Mccauley. He reminds us that at the end of the day, it’s not always necessary to perform design tricks to try and increase the size of your kitchen.

“When decorating a smaller space, I’ve often found it’s not necessary to increase the size of the room through interior design. The reason: by going with the existing architecture, you can often create a wonderful, well-designed cozy space.”

The keyword there is ‘well-designed. When you improve design and function, you uplift the atmosphere of your kitchen. You magnify it, but it becomes more enjoyable and cozy.

Wrapping Up: Work With Seasoned Local Remodelers

These days there are endless, literally endless small kitchen remodel ideas for 2021 and beyond. But once you decide it’s time to make a move and invest, be sure to consult with professionals in your area. Show them the space, share ideas, and investigate options.

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As an example for small kitchen remodel ideas, this is an artistic image of a home kitchen in Memphis, TN with new cabinetry, a beautiful island, marble countertops, and new flooring from Robbins Construction.