How Much Value Will Your Bathroom Remodel Add? Bathroom Remodeling Can Be One Of The Easiest Ways To Increase Home Value, But Make Sure You Are Doing It Right.

Well hello. As you invest in your home, one of your core concerns is what kind of return you can expect. You’re not looking to toss your money away on a pet project… home improvement is serious.

Did you know fellow homeowners across the country invest upwards of $400 billion a year doing what you plan on doing?

The Return On Investment (ROI) is great, but what’s the math look like?

How much does a bathroom remodel increase home value?

Because we aren’t lucky enough to know you or anything about your particular circumstances yet, the best we can do is turn to generalities; ballpark estimates.

First, let’s go right to the top:

Remodeling Magazine’s ‘Cost vs. Value report states that “a bathroom remodel, if  tackled properly, will return 70.6% of the cost put into the project.

You can probably guess what that means, so let’s quickly look at the four core variables you’re going to need to consider.

Variable #1: Your Contractor

Simply stated: If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom with an eye on ROI, then taking the time to SERIOUSLY vet potential contractors is critical. It’s non-negotiable. Don’t just do a single internet search and go with the first smooth-talking contractor that promises you the moon for peanuts.

What are you looking for?

Well, let’s pretend you’ve got four different contractors who are all equally priced and equally matched in terms of skill. What are the REAL differentiators?

The People you’ll be working with and their Process.

Your goal is to work with a group of professionals you mesh well with or at least are seeing eye to eye on design, products, and material choices.

  • You’ll never know how much money you end up saving on those low-quality contractors, or high-quality contractors that just weren’t a good fit… and that’s a good thing.
  • By all means, use the large online marketplaces like Angie’s and Houzz to check up on local remodelers, but put more focus on doing your granular homework.
  • This means taking the time to really dig into your options. Look at portfolios and Bathroom Remodeling Galleries. Look at case studies. Reach out and contact some references.

Here at Robbins Construction, we do extensive full-service renovations for Memphis homeowners. And aside from our world-class workmanship, our customers also pick us for our commitment to professional project management and local reputation.

Learn more about our Step-By-Step Bathroom Remodeling Process.

What kind of ROI do our clients enjoy? It’s different from project to project, but frankly, we don’t begin projects until the numbers add up.

Variable #2: The Scope Of Your Bathroom Remodel

How big is your bathroom? And, what all are you looking to get done in there?

Now we’ve got to get REALLY generalized and put your project into a category based on scope. Because of how common bathroom remodeling is, most of the work is done for you. Based on national numbers, here is what the ROI looks like:

  • A Standard Bathroom Remodel ROI: 64-68%
  • A Midrange Bathroom Remodel ROI: 70%
  • An Upscale Bathroom Remodel ROI: 56%
  • A Universal Design Project ROI: 70%

Variable #3: Your Material & Product Choices

The following picture from our Bathroom Gallery is similar in layout to the image at the beginning of the article. But, can you spot all the different material and product choices?

soaking tub in bathroom remodeled by robbins construction

Our point is, there’s a LOT of details that go into a bathroom remodel. Each one is going to play a role in the overall ROI you see immediately and over time. Not just in terms of financially, but how enjoyable and artistic the space becomes.

Which lighting of the two do you prefer?

Which shower enclosure?

Which style of separate toilet room?

How about the different feelings and impressions they inspire?

Notice the similar cabinetry and countertops?

If you’re looking for parts to focus on to make the biggest strides, these three are the cornerstones of every bathroom remodel.

  • The Vanity:Needless to say, your choice of vanity makes a tremendous difference in how much a bathroom remodel increases home value. There are near endless choices in such a wide range; you’ve got to work with a contractor who can help! The big consideration here is whether it’s custom antique-quality oak from a mid-range manufacturer or just a low-quality placeholder made out of different grades of fiberboard. Read our article, “A Quick Guide To The Best Vanity Cabinet Materials” to learn more.
  • The Flooring:What has the most dramatic impact on overall appearance? A new flooring dynamic. Each material you can choose from has its own pros and cons and ROI – porcelain, ceramic, vinyl, treated wood, stone, tile, etc.
  • The Tub & Shower Areas:Interested in a tub-to-shower conversion? What about a luxurious walk-in shower? Perhaps a new functional-decorative tub enclosure is more your cup of tea?

Variable #4: The Market

If you happen to live on a street where every single home has a gorgeous, jaw-dropping bathroom, ROI won’t be as dramatic — more stabilized.

Regardless, local and national impacts on your home’s ROI are tremendous. The good news is being able to advertise ‘new updated/remodeled bathrooms’ definitely attracts buyers like ‘new paint job’ or ‘new tires & transmission’ attracts car buyers.

Speak not only to your local contractor of choice but to your real estate agent to see what kinds of bathroom remodels get the most attention and ROI.

Wrapping Up: Consult With Friendly Local Professionals

So, how much does a bathroom remodel increase home value? It’s going to vary from around 50% up to 70% depending on four core variables: your contractor, your product & material choices, the scope of your remodel, and the market.

If you happen to be here in the Memphis, TN area, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Robbins Construction. We’ll be happy to dig into the details with you and talk ROI. As mentioned, you can also stop by our showroom if you’d prefer to sit down and talk face to face with a product expert.

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