How Much Value Can Kitchen Renovation Add?

Kitchen Renovation Can Be A Great Way To Add Value To Your Home, But It’s Not A Guarantee. Learn The Facts Before You Make Your Decision.

Hi there, if you’re a homeowner on the fence wondering to yourself,

“How much does a kitchen renovation increase home value?

You’re not alone, and you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Here at Robbins Construction, after 16 + years in business, we adore the question because it gets to the heart of what truly matters when we begin new projects: the details! As a full-service residential construction company in the Greater Memphis, TN area, we’re well-versed in the Kitchen Remodel & Renovation Process.

Along with these kinds of projects, we provide bathroom remodeling/renovation, new or custom home building, porches, outdoor living, additions, handyman services, and more.

So let’s start from the beginning.

For Clarity: Kitchen ‘Remodel’ vs. Kitchen ‘Renovation’

These two words are thrown around a ton, and homeowners often confuse the two. Simply put, here are the main differences.

  • When you renovate a kitchen, you restore it while keeping its original functionality intact.
  • When you remodel a kitchen, you change it: layout, expansions, additions, reconfiguring.

On the surface, it would seem remodeling is often more expensive, and that’s true. However, you can have a dirt-cheap remodel and a far more costly world-class renovation. Every single project is different.

Everything boils down to the details.

Common Aspects Of A Kitchen Renovation

  • Performing Limited Or Extensive Needed Repairs
  • Repainting & Restyling The Space
  • Refacing Your Cabinets For A New Look
  • Installing New More Elegant Light Fixtures
  • Replacing Kitchen Windows / Adding Natural Light
  • Updating Old Appliances That Aren’t Working
  • Adding Beautiful New Hardware To Everything
  • Replacing Tiles Or Flooring
  • Replacing / Repairing Systems, Electric, Plumbing, etc.
  • Adding or Repairing / Updating Your Backsplash Area

Variables That Determine Kitchen Renovation ROI

The Scope Of Your Renovation

Again, every project is different, but the basics of kitchens remain the same. The complexity of your project and the levels of needed repairs will go a long way in determining your Return On Investment (ROI).

In terms of the general nationwide numbers, what are the major home improvement platforms telling us? Here’s what the 2020 Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report has to say.

  • Limited Or Minor Kitchen Remodel (Upgrade): 77.6%
  • Major Kitchen Remodel: 58.6%
  • Extensive Upscale Kitchen Remodel: 53.9%

For more big statistics, the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors Research Group, found that the majority of homeowners choose renovation over a large assortment of other improvement projects.

Here’s the top three:

  1. Bathroom Renovation
  2. Kitchen Upgrade
  3. Complete Kitchen Renovation

The Contractor You Choose

This is arguably your #1 concern. Not just in terms of ROI, but the renovation experience you get as well. Who will you work with? What kind of reputation do they have? How much do you really understand about their approach, company culture, and process?

On the local level, two of the ways we’ve ensured our reputation is as close to spotless as possible is through our skilled master craftsmen and installers, and professional Kitchen Project Management.

Robbins guarantees your kitchen renovation will be kept moving forward, problems will be addressed and fixed quickly, and you’ll get you across the finish line with results you’ll love.

  1. We Have A Well-Organized Project Management Process
  2. Our Communication Standards Are 16+ Years In The Making
  3. Daily Communication, Daily PM Visits, Weekly Meetings With PM
  4. A Cutting-Edge Online Portal For Full 24/7 Access & Resources
  5. Easy To Reach At Construction Office Or Local Showroom

The Contractor You Choose

When you hear about the stress of kitchen renovations, most of it revolves around the process of choosing specific products and materials. But shouldn’t it be the fun part? Shouldn’t it be the least stressful to look at all the astounding options at your fingertips?

Again, it really depends on the contractor you’re working with. Each is going to approach this part differently. There are the know-it-alls; the unhelpful contractors who try to make all the choices; the kind who offer no real advice; cheaper volume-based contractors that just want to get started…they’ll make choices “on the fly” so to speak.

Decisions must be made. Here at Robbins, we take a friendly, stress-free approach to Selecting Kitchen Renovation Products. We’re careful, provide TONS of seasoned advice and experience, and our showroom doors are always open (during work hours that is).

Local Housing Marking Impacts

Be sure to speak with local real estate professionals who can tell you about the market you live in. What kinds of kitchen improvements are getting the most traction? What kinds of functionality and styles are trending?

  • They can help you understand what the surrounding homes similar to yours are sporting in the kitchen.
  • They can also help tell you what specific appliances, types of layouts, and features you’re going to see the best ROI with.
  • They can help you determine the best repairs to make. Of course, your kitchen should be up to local codes, but if you can’t afford to completely renovate the space then you need to know how to get the most bang for your buck.

Wrapping Up: Kitchen Renovation ROI Is Highly Variable

Whether you live around Memphis, or somewhere else in the nation, the fact that kitchen renovations are worth it is well-established. The answer to your question “How much does a kitchen renovation increase home value?” is…it depends. You’ve got to consider the scope, contractor, product & materials, and local market conditions.

If you’re in our neck of the woods, don’t hesitate to Contact Robbins Construction. Not only are we happy to answer your questions, but we can book you for a free initial design consultation to start giving you some real specifics and hard numbers. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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