How to Finance Your Kitchen Remodel Here In the Greater Memphis Area

If you’re getting ready to remodel your Memphis home’s kitchen and you’re interested in financing, the good news is that you’ve got a wide variety of options. The best thing you can do is work with a long-standing, reputable, and trustworthy contractor like Robbins Construction who can walk you through the process.
Most of our customers don’t pay for high-end home improvement out of their personal checking or savings accounts. It’s often impractical, and there are good reasons to collaborate with financial institutions, whether it’s a personal loan or home equity loan.
Let’s quickly walk you through our 4-step approach to Financing, so when you reach out and give us a call you’ll know exactly what to expect.

  • Step 1: At Robbins Construction, we’re slightly unorthodox in our approach to pricing your kitchen remodeling project. The first step is to meet with you, listen intently, understand your lifestyle and the WHY behind this decision, then provide a free estimate. Why an estimate? Because, first we’ll discover whether we’re a good fit, then without making any specific product or material selections, we can give you the ballpark idea of what it’ll cost to have our experienced firm complete the project from A to Z.
  • Step 2: From here, if we’re a good match then we can start to explore financing options with you. There won’t be any obligations and absolutely ZERO pressure sales. We’re on your side. And we care first and foremost about your kitchen remodel, whether or not we end up working together. This is something you’ll see reflected in our 5-star Customer Reviews.
  • Step 3: After we gather the needed materials and we’ve walked through the basic numbers involved, we can then spread out your options on the proverbial table and help you weigh the differences.
  • Step 4: Once we find a payment plan that fits your goals, your home, your tastes, and your budget, we can get a couple of dotted lines signed and get your kitchen remodel officially moving forward!

The two words that simply won’t be associated with the experience of meeting with us and going through your options are anxiety and stress. We’re friendly and talented professionals, not salespeople. Transforming homes is what we’re focused on, not ballooning our bottom line.
No gimmicks. No outdated ‘tactics’ that could potentially harm our near spotless reputation in the local area. And definitely no long-winded sales presentations. First, we’re just interested in listening. When you look at the endless complaints online from homeowners across the country who feel like they wasted time and headaches (not to mention awkward moments) on unprofessional contractors or remodelers, we’re a breath of fresh air.

Take Your First Step With Robbins

If you’re worried costs might start to spiral out of control, or you’re looking for a remodeler you can really trust, our approach to Kitchen Remodel Budgeting is going to be really helpful.It costs nothing to spend a little time with us and explore. Explore your goals. Explore the options. And explore how affordable it can be. Reach out and Contact Robbins Construction today and see for yourself how easy financing a gorgeous new kitchen can be.

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