Our Secret For Making Your Remodeling Process Smoother The Story Of How, Over Mexican Food In Albuquerque, NM, Our Owner Donald Robbins Learned How To Make Your Remodeling Process Much Smoother

An important fact about the founder of Robbins Construction is this: he’s a life-long learner. From the day he opened the doors of his own residential construction and remodeling company, he’s always worked hard to make things better for Memphis-area homeowners.

One example has to do with industry conventions and trade shows.

Under normal circumstances, he goes to at least three or four a year…minimum. These range from kitchen and bathroom remodeling conventions, to contractor conferences, hardware shows, and many others.

He goes to take notes and find ways to add value to your remodeling experience.

  • Best Practices: Some things don’t change, but most things do. Over time Robbins Construction has always sought to be the best at our craft. What if there’s a better way to install under-cabinet lights? What if there’s a better way to present you with detailed layout designs? The last thing we want to do is stagnate as professionals.
  • Better Manufacturers: We also work hard to stay up to date on both established and new, innovative, younger manufacturers and vendors.
  • Better Products: New cabinets. New hardware. New appliances. New lighting, gas grills, and incredibly popular outdoor living products. Donald has always made it a point to keep our options fresh and flowing with new ideas.
  • Better Materials: How would you like more effective, yet cheaper LED lights? How about superior materials for custom work that’s EASIER to purchase? Materials are the building blocks of remodeling, so we stay on top of what the industry produces.

That said, speakers are often the best parts of the conventions.

They’re typically better, more experienced, and more accomplished people who provide insights that are extremely hard to get otherwise.

For 30 to 40 minutes, these men and women are going through the highlights of their success, their strategies, and their methodologies. But rarely do you get a chance to really sit and chat with them.

One time, however, Donald was so impressed he walked right up and asked a speaker to dinner so he could sort of interview the man one on one. He was a much older guy who’d been in the industry for a VERY long time.

And well, he accepted!

They went to a local Mexican food restaurant and Donald literally sat there taking notes between his dinner plate and a bowl of chips and salsa.

What was something they discussed that fundamentally changed Robbins Construction?

One of the topics revolved around this:

“Be delicate and grateful for each call. Take the time.”

If you call us we’re going to give you the time you need. Often folks don’t really know what they want, or what they can afford. They might just be tired of their current bathroom or kitchen layout and be looking at us to transform the space. But we need to know if we’re a good match; if we mesh well together.

Regardless, the goal is to make it so everyone who calls us feels better after hanging up the phone whether they choose to work with us or not.


If you’re a homeowner in the Greater Memphis area, feel free to put us to the test. We look forward to hearing from you. We’ll happily answer all your initial questions, and we welcome you to stop by our Germantown showroom anytime.

And remember, never stop learning!

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