Ideas For Bathtub And Shower Conversions In Greater Memphis

Bathtub and shower conversions update, revitalize, and save tons of space while adding functionality for big expansive bathrooms and those with less elbow room.
After working with Greater Memphis-area homeowners like you for so long, we’ve seen and designed it all here at Robbins Construction.
They can completely transform and refresh the area for larger bathrooms: creating a margin for luxurious details, personalized features to suit your lifestyle and practical (aesthetic) storage solutions.
In today’s article, let’s go through some past projects of ours that incorporated beautiful bathtub and shower conversions to inspire you.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the before pictures, but you can see these and more in our Bathroom Remodeling Gallery.

Idea #1: From Cramped & Impractical To A Memphis Oasis

Robbins Construction Bathroom Renovation Tub Vanity

Idea #2: Reclaiming & Better Utilizing The Bathtub Space

Bathroom Remodel Soaking Tub Robbins Construction

Idea #3: Easy-Access, Spa-Like Design & Openness

Bathroom Remodel Shower Vanity Robbins Construction 1024x768

Idea #4: Add Privacy & Go From Cramped To Complete

Bathroom Remodel Soaking Tub 01 Robbins Construction 1024x769

Idea #5: Get Rid Of The Bathtub Altogether -- Shower Focus

Shower Vanity Bathroom Remodel Robbins Construction 1024x768

Next Step: After Your Research Is Complete, Call Robbins

Are you ready for your next remodeling project? Let us take it to the next level. Schedule a free consultation today! 

male contractor hands framing a kitchen
Beautiful Kitchen Remode 1024x680


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