Ideas For Bathtub And Shower Conversions In Greater Memphis and shower conversions update, revitalize, and save tons of space while adding functionality for big expansive bathrooms and those with less elbow room.
After working with Greater Memphis-area homeowners like you for so long, we’ve seen and designed it all here at Robbins Construction.
They can completely transform and refresh the area for larger bathrooms: creating a margin for luxurious details, personalized features to suit your lifestyle and practical (aesthetic) storage solutions.
In today’s article, let’s go through some past projects of ours that incorporated beautiful bathtub and shower conversions to inspire you.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the before pictures, but you can see these and more in our Bathroom Remodeling Gallery.

Idea #1: From Cramped & Impractical To A Memphis Oasis


The Germantown bathroom in the picture above was an exquisite treat to design, build, and bring together for a local family. As you can see, the walk-in shower (you can make out its showerhead and features in the mirror) is wide open, and their new connected bathtub is a perfect fit.
While it doesn’t have as much walk-around space as it did before, it’s truly an oasis for this family. Some of the smaller details that might not stick out right away include:

  • The hardware across the space is uniform, polished, and subtle. Imagine the difference if you went with a chrome look.
  • The windows are also new, part of the overall transformation, and the walk-in shower has no raised flooring whatsoever.
  • Look at all the storage space: the vanity, the double-sink fixture, and the closet on the right, just for starters.

Idea #2: Reclaiming & Better Utilizing The Bathtub Space

bathroom remodel soaking tub robbins construction

In this Bathroom Remodel, we took the original bathtub area and created a partitioned walk-in shower. In other words, we took back some of the space given to a big impractical bathtub that this family seldom used.

  • Look at that stunning lighting fixture they chose to dramatically add to the overall look of this new luxury space.
  • The smooth, non-tile-based flooring and walls make the room far easier to keep clean, maintain, and manage moisture levels over the long term.
  • The walk-in shower has subtle lighting, rather than relying on central or natural light from the skylight and windows.

Idea #3: Easy-Access, Spa-Like Design & Openness

bathroom remodel shower vanity robbins construction

When you look at this bathtub and shower conversion, the question that comes to mind is, well, where does the shower begin and the bathroom end? It looks and feels commercial-like, as though a professional spa was implanted in this East Memphis home.
Talk about opening up the space!
This kind of bathroom layout isn’t just great for big families or couples who want a luxurious shower, but for seniors as well. Accessible showers, seating, walking space, no-slip flooring, and convenience make for a safer bathing experience.

Idea #4: Add Privacy & Go From Cramped To Complete

bathroom remodel soaking tub 01 robbins construction

Both this project and the one we showed in idea #2 have out of sight toilets, away from the view of the walk-in showering and bathtub areas, behind a closable door. While there might be limited demolition and construction to achieve this look, you get tons of privacy.
And, the vibe in more cramped bathrooms switches to a feeling of completion; convenience. We opened up this part of their home, adding a second vanity section and mirror and completely redoing the floors for a sleek wooden texture.

Idea #5: Get Rid Of The Bathtub Altogether — Shower Focus

shower vanity bathroom remodel robbins construction

Studies, surveys, and research from across the U.S. show Americans are bathing less and less. It’s considered by most as more of a luxury or something you do just every once in a great while. Truthfully, in many of the bathroom remodels we do around the Memphis area, the bathtub is essentially an ornament. This should ease any concerns about ROI or whether not having a bathtub will put a big dent in marketability.
If you’re going to remodel your bathroom with a walk-in shower, consider whether the bathtub is needed. Should you find it unnecessary, the space can be opened up and utilized in endless ways.
Of course, we’ll discuss this beforehand and oversee—as part of our impeccable Project Management workflow.

Next Step: After Your Research Is Complete, Call Robbins

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