Are Kitchen Renovations Worth It? Yes! But The Difference Between ‘Outstanding’ And ‘Horrible’ Can Be As Little As An Inch

Hi there, Donald Robbins here, founder of Robbins Construction.

I’ve been involved in one way or another, in residential home remodeling for decades, nearly my entire adult life.

Do I feel like kitchen remodeling and renovating over the next year or two or three is a good idea?

Do I think the inflated costs of construction materials and products will come down any time soon?

Have I ever seen it like this before?

These are all great questions. Questions homeowners SHOULD be asking themselves right now, given the times. Not just here in the Greater Memphis area but across the nation.

Key Points: No, I haven’t seen it like this before (2020 did quite a number on many industries — let’s not forget about the interesting labor shortages, freight & container issues, etc.). But kitchen remodeling and renovation are still an incredible investment to make, depending on the contractor you work with.

The ROI is outstanding, but you’ve got to be exceptionally careful.

  • Are the contractors you’re looking at prepared?
  • Are they running with a lack of skilled installers?
  • Will they mean a huge lead time for major appliances and cabinets?
  • Are they relying on lower-quality construction materials to stay in the game?

It’s ALWAYS been a problem for homeowners in your position – sourcing quality craftsmanship that’s down-to-the-finest-detail guaranteed to leave you ecstatic. Now the number of options of this caliber has diminished!

We were just called to a nice woman’s house where the brand new bathroom she paid for was 99% perfect, except the 1% was a 1-and-a-half-inch gap in the grout between the top of her new shower and the ceiling.

It looked horrible.

“Can’t you just paint over this?” she asked us frantically.

And the answer is no. Sorry, that’s just not a solution.

We see this from time to time, and it’s because the installer either a) didn’t do the math right in terms of needed materials, or b) they were skimping during hard times.

The woman had just bought the gorgeous close to half-million-dollar home, and now there’s a bad grout joint. With the way we work Our Kitchen Renovation Process and implement strict quality control methods, this simply isn’t possible. And if by chance it were to happen, we would have to rip it out and take care of it properly and professionally.

There’s no way we would leave her hanging with horrible workmanship.

Bottom Line: Yes, a premium kitchen renovation that costs a little more but delivers long-lasting and reliable quality is definitely with it. While inflationary pressures might linger for a few years, there’s never been a better time than now. There’s nothing like the present.

If you have questions or would like to know more, reach out and Contact Us. Or, go ahead and stop by Our Showroom In Germantown. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your remodeling goals. Thanks for your time today!

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