Popular Kitchen Cabinet Style Options In The Memphis Area

So, you’re gearing up to transform your kitchen and face the decision-making process when it comes to cabinets. Whether you’re investing in a full remodel or a snazzy, streamlined refinishing project for your Memphis home, cabinets are center stage.
Your first challenge is navigating the massive, mind-blowing amount of options you have to choose from.
And as you might already know, the internet is stuffed to the gills with information on the subject of cabinet styles. Upon initial light research, you’ll inevitably be bombarded by:

  • Industry Marketers & Affiliates
  • Cabinet Manufacturers
  • Large Corporate Home Improvement Companies

They shell out all the big bucks to be on the first page of your search results. This is why most homeowners describe the experience of choosing cabinet styles and features on their own as frustrating, time-consuming, and stressful— especially when they want high-value, high-quality products.
Where to begin?
Let’s give you some important basics.

The 3 Basic Types of Cabinets

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  1. Stock Cabinets: These are your widely accessible and cookie-cutter kitchen cabinets that tend to be inexpensive. In some cases, they are very cheap and low-quality. The options with these kinds of cabinets will be more limited.
  2. Semi-Custom Cabinets: These are your middle-ground or middle-price-range kitchen cabinets that offer much more breathing room in terms of styles, finishes, and features.
  3. Fully Custom Cabinets: Now you’re talking endless possibilities.  These are cabinets that are custom-fabricated around your tastes, styling choices, and lifestyle in the kitchen. The downside here mainly involves finding a qualified, reputable home construction or Memphis Kitchen Remodeling Company to work with.

The Core Kinds Of Cabinets & Components

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  • Base or Lower Cabinets: Along with being moisture-resistant around the faucets and plumbing, lower cabinets also need to be built strong enough for the specific kinds of countertops you choose: granite, marble, quartz, concrete, etc.
  • Wall-Mounted Cabinets: Upper cabinets are the most dominant and common, being a mainstay in kitchen remodeling. They’re the primary transformative elements and the most defining features.
  • Pantry Cabinets: These are your tall vertically-styled cabinets, typically from around 84’’ to 96’’ in height, to accommodate utility and pantry needs.
  • Cabinet Doors & Hardware: The most emphasis on cabinetry goes here, to the doors and hardware choices. These are the parts of a kitchen we see every time we go into the space, so getting their pairing right is essential.
  • Cabinet Drawers: These are the parts of your cabinetry that are seen the least but used the most. You can get them in a huge assortment of different materials.

The 3 Main Cabinet Styles To Start With

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When it comes specifically to cabinet style options, we’re not going to try and fit all the many different kinds into today’s article.
Instead, let’s start where we start with our customers. Think of these as beginner design palettes that you can later customize, personalize and curate further.

  1. Classic: When you want cabinets with a classic look, think traditional. The spectrum is built upon usage. So, on one side, you’ve got classic very formal kitchens that are meant to be far more clean and aesthetic because they aren’t as heavily used. Meanwhile, on the other end are rustic kitchens designed for tons of use and entertaining.
  2. Contemporary: Now, we’re talking more on the sleeker side of things. Minimalist. Streamlined ornamentation. Subtle lighting. More spacious with simpler elements rather than decorative. For cabinets, the color scheme in these kitchens tends to be more industrial or monochromatic: blacks, whites, and grays for a sharp look.
  3. Modern: These kitchens can be similar to contemporary in some respects, but they diverge when it comes to architecture: bold angles and curvature complimented by really up-to-date appliances and fixtures. Cabinetry tends to have polished veneers or even laminate doors. You often see combinations of different colors or woods as well.

Using these basics, you can approach seasoned kitchen remodelers with confidence and start making more informed choices.
Speaking of which…

Now What? Chat With Proven Kitchen Remodeling Professionals

Jumping onto the internet and spending hours researching different cabinetry options can be worthwhile. But, you can save a ton of time and potential headaches by talking to your local home improvement professionals who work with and install kitchen cabinetry systems year-round! Here in the Greater Memphis area, don’t hesitate to Contact Robbins Construction. We’re happy to listen to all your ideas and get to know you, then provide the answers you’re looking for. After that, we can schedule a more formal appointment to see what’s truly possible with your kitchen and budget. Thanks for your time today, and we hope to hear from you soon.One Final Note: if you liked the photos in this article, they come from our Kitchen Remodeling Gallery, where we have an assortment of glamorous images from past projects to inspire you. Enjoy!

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