Learn About The Man Behind The Robbins Construction Name Here In Greater Memphis: Donald Robbins

When you hire a contractor to work on your home, or even to build you a new one, you probably don’t want just another cookie-cutter job.
Right?You want genuine value, of course, but you also want something distinct!Unique, quality design and craftsmanship. For that, you need a rare one-of-a-kind construction company.

While it might seem like there’s as many businesses doing Kitchen Remodeling as there are kitchens in our region… we believe Robbins Construction stands apart from the flock.

We always have.

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What makes us different is the man who initially built the company from scratch and has been at the helm for the better part of two decades now.
Donald Robbins.

Who Is Donald Robbins? The Short Story Of Our Founding

First and foremost, he’s a humble family man and that’s no lie. He’s got two kids and his wife is a brilliant speech pathologist.He’ll tell you right away though, in his soft friendly Memphis accent: “I don’t feel like I’m all that different. Just another middle-aged guy from Tennessee with a home improvement company.”But in truth, for the homeowners we work with across the Greater Memphis area (our showroom is in Germantown), he’s one of those rare operators that runs a tight successful ship!It all started when he was a kid, growing up watching his uncle Bobby — a brilliant programmer turned home builder and developer. He’d come over to the grandparents three or four times a year and he was a great storyteller. Talking about home improvement with Bobby was an exciting storytime experience, not some boring ho-hum conversation.
So, while other kids were dreaming of becoming astronauts and firemen, Donald was a born entrepreneur dreaming about one day being just like Bobby!.
The sights. The sounds. The smells. The tools…it was all just…incredible.

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Why Our Project Management Team Is So Successful

Of course, there were other steps and learning experiences to come.
He got his degree in accounting and his CPA licence, for starters.He built and sold a maid service company.
He even sold lamps, as far away as Washington state! In fact, he was selling stuff coast to coast before saving enough capital to start Robbins Construction and become a home builder back in 2004. But wouldn’t you know it, his first three homes sold so quickly in 2006 that his head started to spin…and he grew an ego.
Then the 2008 ‘Great Recession’ hit America and suddenly he found himself struggling and scrambling to take any job he could to stay afloat. Even lots of handyman work, which we still do to this day. From there, Robbins Construction grew project by project, based almost exclusively on the grapevine — direct referrals. For example, he would do these people’s Bathroom Remodeling projects…. and then work for their neighbor…then the neighbor’s husband’s coworker…then for their friend who goes to school with so and so… That’s how it went from roughly 2008 well into 2011. Little by little, the company grew on nothing but our reliable quality, distinct workmanship, and customer service. Then around 2015, we began to focus heavily on Kitchen Remodeling & Bathroom Remodeling, and the rest is history.

Little By Little, The Robbins Name Got Around

One of the most common things we heard back then, and which we still hear from clients today under the tutelage of Donald is:“You do outstanding work, but you’ve just got the nicest people!”That’s because among other things, Donald ensures the company stays grounded in our Core Values and we never lose sight of the power of always Listening First. Here in the 2020s we have a large incredible team, an impressive portfolio around the area, and a rock-solid reputation.
If you’re getting ready to invest in your Memphis-area home and need a home improvement and construction company you can trust, just stop by our showroom or Contact Us through our website. Thanks so much for your time, and we all look forward to hearing from you soon.

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