Learn About The Two-Step Deposit & Estimate Process We Use For Major Remodeling Projects

Here in Greater Memphis you have a wide assortment of home remodeling and renovations contractors to choose from for major kitchen remodels. And many approach the estimating or pricing process differently, we use the Two-Step Deposit & Estimate process.

They also ask for a wide range of deposits. Anywhere from 30% to as high as 100%!

At Robbins Construction, our process is the result of decades of experience and hundreds upon hundreds of successful residential remodeling projects across the area. 

Currently we use a proven two-step process in terms of deposits and estimates on more extensive work. These tend to include professional design services and lots of individual selections. 

In this article we’d like to walk through the specifics with you.

Example: A Major Kitchen Remodel With Extensive Needs

We Then Ask For A 40% Deposit

Bottom Line: There Are No Unpleasant Surprises Or Pricing Games With Robbins