At Robbins, We Learned Early On What Cleanliness REALLY Means For A Home Construction & Remodeling Company

Over the last, well, close to twenty years now, Robbins Construction has gone from a tiny little locally-run outfit to a premier home builder and improvement company known across Greater Memphis.
A core reason why is because we took each early lesson to heart.
We didn’t forget.
We never rested on our laurels.Whether it’s our Kitchen Remodeling processes, or new home construction, we stayed committed to the highest standards.
In this article, let’s look at one of the early experiences we had as a company that made us put extreme emphasis on jobsite cleanliness.

Example: Getting Scolded In A Trash Heap

One of the very first official Bathroom Remodeling projects we got was in a really old home. We’re talking well over 100 years…and to say it was a mess would be an understatement! It was essentially trashed and in pretty bad shape. Without getting into too much description, we’ll just leave it at that.
When the framers and plumbers showed up though, they were like,
How in the world do you know these people?”In truth, it was a doctor’s house!
We got the referral directly from a woman who worked for him.
Here was the problem:

  • Because it was so messy and in such disrepair, the crew got lazy.
  • We figured we didn’t need to cover everything with such impeccable detail.
  • We just didn’t treat the jobsite with as much respect as you normally would in a regular residential space.

Here’s what happened:
Long story short, the doctor was furious.
He scolded our founder Donald and his crew, and they lost the project!
While Robbins was doing great work, the worksite was sloppy and messy and the doctor wouldn’t have any of it.His reasons for being away from the home and letting it get in that shape were completely valid and understandable.

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After losing that project, which the company really needed back then, things changed big time.Robbins Construction adopted Strict Cleanliness Standards that we’ve never flinched on since. You can check this out for yourself by reading through our Case Studies or Browsing Our Reviews. Let’s look at some easy examples to give you an idea.

  • Had a plumber putting plates on outlets and throwing the little plastic wrappers on the ground instead of throwing them away. The second Donald spotted it, that particular plumber learned not to do that again on any Robbins Construction sites.
  • We will actually replace any vehicle tires popped by loose screws, nails, or metal shavings we miss. Over the span of 14+ years we’ve only had to do this 4 times.
  • We will not allow there to be a single…not one single cigarette butt left on someone’s property.
  • We aren’t one of those companies that comes in like a tornado and then cleans up at the end. We clean our job sites each and every day.

Impeccable detail. Clean job sites. Clean workmanship. Clean uniforms. It doesn’t take a ton of extra time to maintain these standards, but it does require emphasis, focus, and a strong company culture to pull it off.
Will Donald go bonkers if he arrives on a job site and finds it messy?
No, but he will get things cleaned up QUICKLY and ensure everyone involved knows that messy’s not acceptable.

Bottom Line: Call Robbins Construction For Clean, Detail-Orientated Remodeling

If you’re looking for a home improvement contractor (or custom home builder) in Greater Memphis with the highest standards and professionalism, Contact Robbins Construction. Come stop by our Germantown showroom. See for yourself why we’re known for our attention to detail and fantastic results. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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