Not looking for a remodel, just a way to refresh your bathroom? We have you covered with these tips.

Sometimes, it’s not always a remodel that’s necessary to refresh your bathroom and give you that new perspective on the space. If you don’t have the budget, or if you don’t want to make any big changes to your bathroom or home in general, you can always make small changes in terms of the decor or the way your bathroom is organized. Need some inspiration to get started? Here are a few little things you can do to help give your bathroom the refreshing update it needs:

Add Some Drapes

Bathroom windows can be a tricky balance. On the one hand, they offer natural sunlight into the room, as well as calming outdoor sounds such as birds chirping. On the other hand, they can be a privacy issue. The angle of the window can help, but so too can having the right window treatments. Drapes can make a dramatic statement and add a feeling of elegant softness and luxury to your bathroom.

It may be a good idea to opt for waterproof drapes, and to make sure that you run the fan when you shower or after showering to cut down on moisture that would be a nuisance to regular drapes. On the note of a different type of drapes, why not go for a new shower curtain that really changes the perspective and design of the bathroom? A shower curtain liner can help to protect it from damage so that it stays looking great for longer.


Another way to refresh your bathroom is not by adding anything to it but rather by removing from it. Go through all your vanity drawers or your bathroom cabinet shelves. Take everything out — all the hygiene products, towels, lotions, medicine, et cetera. You may find in doing so that some of the things taking up space in your bathroom are expired or are no longer used. Make a pile of things you want to throw out and a pile of things you want to keep. When you replace the things you want to keep, you can reorganize them in a new way that makes the space feel much neater to you.

Change the Scent

It’s not all about the visuals of the bathroom, after all. Adding a few candles or plug-in fragrance diffusers can give your bathroom a fragrance that really transports you to somewhere lush and tropical or cozy and relaxing. Already have fragrances in your bathroom? Maybe they’ve lost their sheen for you. Consider switching them out. Some homeowners change out their fragrances every season so that their bathroom has more pleasing wintery scents in the winter and warm, tropical fragrances in the summer.

Bring In Some Storage

Most bathrooms are a bit limited on space, but fortunately this won’t take much space: consider adding a small linen shelf to your bathroom. It’s narrow and usually only 2 or 3 shelves high, so it can easily fit in a corner somewhere. However, this shelf could be the perfect place for your towels, as well as a spot to add a potted plant or a pleasing scented candle. You can even place things like lotions or toilet paper on the bottom shelf for added convenience. It’s a practical choice for your bathroom, but one that will make it feel that much more luxurious.

Soften the Touches

Are your towels becoming old, scratchy, or worn down? While you install that new linen shelf, it may be time to invest in new linens. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little on towels where you can. You want the towels that are the most comfortable for you. While you’re at it, consider buying a new plush bathroom rug. These touches will help to soften your bathroom and make it feel warmer and cozier.

Put Up Some Wallpaper

Want your bathroom to have a more opulent atmosphere? Wallpaper with a dark background and large floral prints could do the trick. Lighter wallpaper can create a cleaner, more airy effect, while green wallpaper can make it appear as though you’ve stepped into a forest oasis. Your wallpaper can completely change the outlook of the room, despite being a fairly minor, easy change.

Upgrade Your Mirror

Every bathroom needs a bathroom mirror. But if your bathroom mirror looks a little bland or worn, it can drag down your entire perspective of your bathroom. That’s why it matters to upgrade your bathroom mirror when necessary. The frame of the mirror is important, too, as it’s the main element that informs the style of the mirror. Search for a mirror that really speaks to you and your vision for your bathroom and replace your old mirror with the new.

Update Your Hardware

Your hardware can also have an impact on the space, despite being small. Handles, towel racks, faucets, and more all add or take away from the general aesthetic of the space. If your drawer handles look worn down and rusted or just plain boring, why not replace them with new handles that fit your style? Why not add a new towel rack for convenience? This is an easy fix that could make a big impact on the space as a whole.

A bathroom remodel isn’t always what’s needed to refresh your bathroom. Sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference. When you need a bathroom remodel, however, Robbins Construction is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our bathroom remodeling services or to set up a free estimate.

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