New Hall Bathrooms Are A NO Risk Investment What It Means To Have A New Hall Bathroom Built & Installed With Almost NO Risk Involved For You Or Your Investment

One of the more common bathroom remodeling projects in Tennessee right now is high-end hall bathrooms.

In late-summer 2021, the average price ranges from roughly 17k-22k whether you’re looking at Nashville or our neck of the woods here in the Greater Memphis area.

Some might argue that $20,000 is expensive, but you’ve got to consider value (especially long-term value) and risk. At Robbins Construction, we’re on the higher side of pricing because we’re a premium home builder and remodeler, which means we’re your NEAR-ZERO RISK option.

Consider taking a Ford, Chevy, or GMC pickup to the dealer vs. what we like to call a ‘shady tree mechanic.’

Which is riskier?

Which feels more secure?

Which is likely to provide a reliable solution?

Sure, that guy or gal with greasy hands might be a mechanical wizard and cost less than the dealership, but do they have all the technology, advanced machinery, specialized tools, a talented team, and resources?

Do they have the guarantees and the long-standing value of one of these major corporations?

We’re not a big corporation; we’re family-run and family-first. We’ve been around for a great many years and have taken great care of ALL of our customers. We maintain a local office, our showroom in Germantown, and all the proper information you should have access to on our website, including:

Near zero risk.

So if we mess something up, we’re going to fix it.

If it starts looking horrible, we’ll redo it.

A year, or two, or ten from now, you can call Robbins Construction, and we’re going to come out and stand by our work.

And you’ll rest easy knowing we only deal with the best crafters and installers—no cheap unskilled labor.

Imagine what can happen if the plumbing crew isn’t top-notch! Who knows what you’ll be dealing with. Then there are your tile setters. If they’re making mistakes and cutting corners, there will inevitably be headaches down the road. Or, what if the shower pan isn’t installed properly and you discover leaks in a month or two.

Ripping out and replacing this stuff because of shoddy workmanship could cost another $5,000-$6,000!

If you’re a Greater Memphis, TN area homeowner and interested in a beautiful, functional new hall bathroom, Contact Robbins Construction. We’re happy to take the time and chat with you and see if we can work together. Are we going to be the cheapest option? No. But we’re going to be the option with the least amount of risk involved. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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