Never Hire A Memphis Area Remodeling Company That Can’t Prove These 4 Things: 4 Ways to Weed Out Bad Remodelers

The #1 Most Important Remodeling Decision You’ll Make Is Which Contractor You Hire – And Here’s How To Get It Right

If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home, there’s one decision that is far and away the most important: the Memphis area remodeling company you choose.

Get it right, and you’ll get results you love.

Get it wrong and you can expect mediocre results at best, plus a nightmare of a service experience.

Whether You Hire Robbins Construction Or Not, Protect Yourself By Insisting Your Remodeler Can Prove They Meet All 4 Of These Standards

As you search for the right remodeling company for your project, we of course hope you’ll consider Robbins Construction. But whether you ultimately choose us or another remodeler, always make sure your company can prove all 4 of these things.

Proof #1 – They Must Have Consistently Awesome Reviews On An Independent Website Like Google Reviews

This is first because it is very important. Any remodeling contractor can claim pretty much anything about their results and service, but that’s not exactly an unbiased source of information. Of course they are going to say they are good!

That’s why a remodeling company needs to be proven independently that customers really do love their results and their service.

For example, Robbins Construction has 40+ reviews on Google Reviews (and at the time of this writing, an average of a full 5 stars!). When you read reviews of a remodeler, don’t just look at the ratings, read what the customers say in their comments. It will give you an insight into just how enthusiastic customers are about the company.

Proof #2 – An A+ Rating With The Better Business Bureau

It’s this simple: if a business doesn’t maintain an A+ rating with the BBB, you shouldn’t risk hiring them. The Better Business Bureau is the most respected consumer watchdog organization in the country, and earning their highest rating is a good sign of the quality of the company you are dealing with.

(But don’t skip the other 3 proofs – your remodeler needs to meet all of these).

Proof #3 – The Company Is Fully Licensed And Insured

Did you know that if your remodeling contractor is not insured (or has inadequate insurance) the liability of an on-the-project accident falls on the homeowners and their insurance? It’s true.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential you ask your prospective contractor to provide proof of licensing and insurance. Besides the liability, you should be wary of any remodeling company not professional enough to have these qualifications.

(But don’t skip the other 3 proofs – your remodeler needs to meet all of these).

Proof #4 – Make Sure Their Quote Process Is Transparent And Fair

This final proof is where many remodeling companies fail. Many give quotes that are not grounded in reality and aren’t fair. Here are 2 common methods that are unfair to homeowners.

  • One is the remodeling contractor that underbids to get the job. Sometimes this is intentional, and sometimes it’s just inexperience. But either way, what happens is you’ll either end up with lousy products installed, or you’ll be pressured into agreeing to change orders to increase the price. 
  • The other common method is to quote a high price and then use sales pressure to close the deal. The remodeling company quotes a high enough price that no matter what products you select, they maintain an outrageous profit margin. Instead of your quote being based on your actual product choices, the cost is based on whatever the company thinks it can get away with charging.

Here is a better and more transparent way to get a quote. A remodeling company should be able to give you a good estimate range for your project to start. If that estimate sounds good to you, you can then work with the remodeler to fill out your exact product choices.

Once everything is selected, your remodeler can give you a firm quote. And that quote will be based on your actual product choices, not on something made up out of thin air. A quote that is calculated on your selections is fair and transparent.

Bonus Proof: Does Your Remodeling Company Have Case Studies?

We Meet All Of The Above Standards At Robbins Construction