What Does It Mean To ‘Come Prepared’ When You First Begin Interviewing Potential Memphis Home Remodelers?

When the time comes to invest in your Memphis home, unless you’re lucky enough to have direct referrals to rely on, you’re going to have to do some interviewing.
As a premier long-standing home remodeler and construction company in the area, at Robbins Construction, we meet a lot of folks in that very position. Some fall more on the ‘unprepared’ side of the spectrum.
They’re essentially playing the luck of the draw (often, it’s their first time being involved in a major home improvement project). Meaning we happened to be the first company they approached. These types of homeowners are really looking for us to do most of the ‘brain work,’ so to speak:

  • Tell them what is and isn’t possible with their budget in terms of high-value vs. low.
  • Layout all the different options—for example, if we’re talking about Bathroom Remodeling, then they want us to present all the tile, vanity, bathtub, shower, and lighting options.
  • Explore the different design, layout, and renovation options.
  • Explain the process from A to Z.
  • Then provide an estimate or round numbers.

The Other Side Of The Spectrum: They Come Prepared!

Now let’s switch gears and look at the other side of the coin in terms of homeowners who roll up their sleeves, dig into the specifics, and get some choices together before chatting with remodelers.
We recently began a project for a local Memphis family who was VERY well informed. We were the third potential candidate they approached, not the first — they had been referred to us by their friends.   They’d actually already toured a Memphis Kitchen Remodel we did for their friends. Who, as it turned out, kept prompting them to call us! But they waited.

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Finally, they called us, and we came out and visited with them. Here are the ways they were prepared.

  • Super-specific taste and design choices for their kitchen. They knew exactly how they wanted it to look and, more importantly, why they came to those design choices.
  • They had examples from other kitchens–both online data and from local kitchens…complete with pictures.
  • All their appliances were already chosen, and like us, they took a ‘No Junk Allowed’ approach.
  • They had a schematic or drawing of the cabinet system they wanted.
  • They had all their materials picked.
  • They had the new layout already sketched out.

You’re probably wondering, how close were they? How close to the mark? Did they get all the below-the-surface details right, and did everything fit together?
They were close, about 85-90% perfect, but there were a few modifications.
Like, what?
Well, for example, they were asking us to bring a gas line across the ceiling of the garage to connect with a gas stovetop they’d chosen. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a straight shot and just wouldn’t work. However, and our plumber made this observation, we could bring it in through the attic above (which is what we ended up doing).
There were also some windows they’d seen online that went right up to the corner of the kitchen wall. But, they didn’t know that new codes had come into effect in the Memphis area due to the seismic activity in the New Madrid fault line. So, those particular windows wouldn’t have been up to code.

Is It Better To Be Prepared?

Whether you walk into our showroom or Contact Us with loads of information and specifics for discussion, or all you know is you want a newly updated space in your home, Robbins is ready to listen.Sure, the more informed you are the quicker the initial steps can go, but it’s not necessary. We work well with Memphis homeowners across the entire spectrum. Reach out today and see for yourself.

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