Why Memphis Homeowners Trust Us With Large Investments Before We Tear Their Homes Apart

“Why should I trust you?”

Hello, I’m Donald Robbins, Founder & Owner of Robbins Construction — a full-service remodeler serving the Greater Memphis area.

It still surprises me sometimes when I realize homeowners trust my company with truly astounding amounts of capital and responsibility…before any real construction takes place.

Do you know what I mean?

We’re not building gorgeous kitchens, bathrooms, and residential works of art and putting them on the market.

We’re ‘selling’ something you can’t see, touch, or feel beforehand – remodeling!

In fact, as I write these words, I’m in my office after having just returned from a project. We’re in the process of taking a home that was beautiful in the 1990s and bringing it into the 21st century. But right now it’s a mess, with the entire downstairs demolished and walls and windows torn out.

To give you some rough numbers, before a single hammer met a nail, those good people chose to trust my company with a six-figure down payment.

Another extensive remodeling project we’re currently involved in is nearing the $300,000 mark, so these levels of projects aren’t something we do once a year. We’re involved in these types of renovations every month.

But why? That’s what you probably want to wrap your head around.

Why do hard-working, intelligent, successful people in the Memphis area trust my company with this level of sophistication and professionalism?

Honestly, it’s not one big overarching reason.

It’s a long compilation of small to medium-sized things built up over time that each add to our reputation.

Some examples:

  • 17+ years of maintained local office/showroom presence in Germantown and Collierville. We’re about to outgrow yet another office, our third, thanks to our expanding community of customers (a family of families).
  • We’re one of those rare contractors who’s got a number you can call… and actually have someone answer the phone. Rarely do we need to follow up on voicemails.
  • From project to project, people know we’re committed to our Core Values.

So, another really important question is,

“How have we protected this trust for so many years?”

Simple: by being Extra-Careful & Extra-Honest.

Truth is, by the time you have a pen in hand getting ready to sign any dotted lines with my company, you’ll know EXACTLY what to expect…

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Our crew on site every workday, until the project is done to your COMPLETE satisfaction.

It’s not going to be easy every step of the way, but you’ll never find yourself out of the loop and guessing.

It’s going to be frustrating at times, but you’ll never see a workday go by without progress.

You might experience some stress, but our long-term, proven, world-class results are guaranteed.

Whether you need a six-figure custom renovation built with great craftsmanship, a new bathroom or kitchen, or Handyman Services. Robbins comes through.


We’re that open-book contractor who’s going to tell it to you straight. By all means, put us to the test. Explore some of our recent projects:

Give us a call at (901) 207-5886 and talk with me personally, or stop by our showroom:

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One of our friendly customer service staff will be happy to get you set up for a free estimate on your remodeling project… that you can trust.

Thanks for your time today, and God bless.


Donald Robbins

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