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“They Have Real Artisans Working For Them”

What Started Out As A Smaller Remodel Expands Into A Dream Kitchen

When the Anderson home suffered some water damage in the kitchen, Kim Anderson went looking for a local contractor to help.

“We found out about Robbins through a decorator who highly recommended them,” Kim said. “I also checked them out on a neighborhood bulletin and people were saying good things about them.”

She then took the next step and met with a designer on the Robbins team and then owner Donald Robbins himself. She instantly felt at ease and decided they were the right fit.

“I was just very comfortable with them – they are great to talk to,” Kim said. “Like old friends.”

The Decision To Go Bigger

The project started out as a plan to fix the floors because of the water damage, something covered by insurance. But after the remodel got underway, the ideas for the kitchen evolved into something much bigger.

Kim explains: “Things were temporarily moved out of the kitchen so the floors could be done. Then we said, ‘instead of re-installing the old, why don’t we just get the kitchen we really want?’ So that’s what we did. We had been thinking about moving, but we decided to invest that money in a new kitchen.”

Kim appreciated that Robbins Construction had the ability and flexible attitude to keep up with the Andersons expanded ideas for their kitchen.

“We gave them a lot of ideas, and they were always able to match what we wanted,” Kim said. “I could show them something on Pinterest and they could find a way to do it.”

‘The Attention To Detail Was Fabulous’

Here is Kim talking about all the things she loved about working with Robbins Construction:

“The attention to detail was fabulous all around – I never had to worry about anything. I literally have nothing bad to say about them.”


“They cleaned up every single day and they’re very respectful. And if they said they were showing up at 8, they were there at 8.”


“Our project manager Ben communicated all the time – we mostly texted. If I texted him, I never waited more than 5 minutes for a reply.”

Ecstatic With The Craftsmanship

But Kim saved her biggest praise for the quality and detail of the craftsmanship.

“The tile guy was an artist. He took so much time and care – day after day he spent on it – and every detail was amazing. And the crown molding – I wanted something special and it turned out fabulous,” Kim said. “They have real artisans working for them.”

She also mentioned that she had a Viking Oven installed, and the venting system for the oven was not a good fit for existing structure of her home. 

“I know it took them a lot of work to solve that problem and to finesse it to make it fit,” she said. “But they do whatever it takes – that’s how they are.”

Kim also said she went all out with attractive lighting, marble accents, and beautiful touches throughout, and that Robbins was able to make all of it work together.

When People See This Kitchen, They Want To Know Who Did It

All the craftsmanship and attention to detail definitely showed in the final results. The kitchen turned out absolutely beautiful.

“I have friends who ask me who did it,” Kim said. She added that she posted some pictures of it on social media and people post comments asking who did the work.

Overall, Kim is thrilled with how it turned out and plans on using Robbins again. “I can’t wait to use them again.”

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