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The Forberts Absolutely Love The Outdoor Kitchen Created By Robbins Construction

“It Turned Out Even Better Than I Expected… I Wished We Would Have Done It Sooner”

Sharon Forbert and her husband love being outdoors in their backyard: grilling, gardening, and just relaxing.

And they decided they would enjoy it even more if they created their dream outdoor kitchen.

But they knew it was important to find the right remodeling contractor – one that was up to the task. They had another remodeling company do a previous project in their home, and they felt it would be better to go in a different direction for this project.

“We found Robbins because they were local to us,” Sharon said. “We met with Donald [the owner of Robbins Construction] and explained what we wanted. We were comfortable after talking with him that they could do it.”

‘People You Can Trust’

Sharon said everyone she had contact with during the project gave them a good feeling.

“The workers coming in, everyone we met with – really everyone there – they have the best people,” Sharon said. “It’s people you can trust.”

She added, “everything they do and everything they put in is of good quality.”

High Hopes For A Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

Given how much they enjoy spending time outdoors in their yard, the Forberts had high hopes for their new outdoor kitchen.

Sharon said those high hopes weren’t just met – they were exceeded.

“It actually turned out better that what I expected,” Sharon said. “It’s just so nice to sit out there and enjoy it. I wished we would have done it sooner.”

Sharon named many things that she and her husband loved about the outdoor kitchen, and three stood out in particular:

  • The big, beautiful outdoor fireplace
  • The convenient outdoor refrigerator 
  • The top-quality grill

“We really wanted to a fireplace out there and it turned out great,” Sharon said. “There are so many things we like about what was done – my husband’s favorite is the grill.”

“It Wasn’t Even A Question, We Knew We’d Go With Robbins Again“

Soon after finishing the outdoor kitchen project, the Forberts wanted to transform one of their bathrooms.

“Our son had moved out and it was time to turn it into a guest bathroom,” Sharon said. “It really needed updating.”

And the decision of what contractor to choose was easy.

“It wasn’t even a question – we knew we’d go with Robbins again,” Sharon said.

Once again, the Forberts were thrilled with the results.

“I loved it, the colors turned out great,” Sharon said. “I especially love the tiled floor and the mosaic pattern.”

Sharon is sure the Forberts will be taking on other remodeling projects in the future. She said she knows without a doubt who they’ll call: “We’ll hire Robbins again.”

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