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“Our Remodels Are Within Budget, On Time, And Everyone Is SO Easy To Work With!”

Meeting Us Through A Direct Referral From Coworkers, This East Memphis, TN Family Continues To Be Very Impressed

Being a long-standing local remodeler based out of Germantown, TN, has its advantages. First of all, our area of the country is incredible. Secondly, we’re the kind of family-run remodeler who generates most projects from direct referrals, so the families we get to work with are always amazing!
The family we’ll be chatting about in this case study is a perfect example.
Over time we’ve ended up working with them on multiple projects, which is common.

How Did They Originally Come To Choose Robbins?

Well, they’re actually friends with one of our designers. They’re fully aware of her talent, vision, and direction, so when it came time to improve their East Memphis home, they’d already made up their mind.
“We honestly respected her work and how easy it was to collaborate and make selections with her.”
In fact, after we completed a straightforward bathroom remodel for their daughter, the family didn’t even bother getting a second bid on a fully transformative kitchen remodel they’d planned.

How Was The Overall Experience During This Extensive Remodel?

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In our discussion with the lady of the house, Britton, she mentioned many things that left great impressions on her throughout those initial projects.
But really, it comes down to how careful we are, how attentive, how obsessed with the details, and how we focus more on the satisfaction of our customers than our bottom line.
“We appreciated the way the Robbins process works. How everything is planned, how ideas are put together, and how the project moves along like clockwork.”
Our clear communication made her feel comfortable.
Our experienced Project Manager smoothly coordinated the many professionals involved and kept tabs on all the moving parts for a well-orchestrated daily process.

Fundamentally, their family trusted us. And THAT always makes a remodeling experience much better. Because when you don’t have solid referrals or a personal connection or trust, you tend to feel skeptical, anxious, and stressed.

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Every bathroom or kitchen remodel involves stress, but when you KNOW you’re being taken care of, and any issues that pop up will be promptly addressed, you’re in a much better mood.

You feel more inspired and safer.
“The subs were trustworthy; those coming in and out of our house. Everything was spotless. We even saw the PM call in the troops because she found a minuscule bit of paint splatter that at first, we couldn’t even see!”
They always had answers to their questions.
Work was always being done, workday by workday.
When Britton and her husband spotted an issue, it was immediately addressed and done the specific way they wanted it done.
And our office and local Germantown showroom ensured it was easy to get many of the other details that go into the process taken care of without any hassles whatsoever.

What Was The Overall Result?

Unnamed 4

Simply put: We exceeded their expectations. They ended up with no complaints whatsoever.

“One thing I was really ecstatic about was how they were so insightful and forthcoming in terms of adding value to our original ideas. It showed they really cared about us.”

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