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Suffered Damage To The Interior Of Your Home & Filing An Insurance Claim?

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If you have suffered damage to the interior of your home, you have a choice in contractors.

It’s typical for the insurance company to provide a list of general remodeling companies in the area, but ultimately the choice of remodeler is up to you. Keep in mind that you can also acquire your own estimate. We’re an excellent choice to include in your process since we specialize in interior design and are experts at helping to navigate product selection.

There’s a better way to find the right Memphis area contractor to handle your homeowners insurance claims work.

Why Robbins Construction Is A Great Choice For Homeowners Insurance Claims Work In Memphis Area

Here are 5 reasons Robbins Construction is an excellent choice.

Homeowner insurance claims can be handled with less stress and better results when you choose a Memphis home remodeling company with experience handling previous claims. Insurance companies have processes that need to be followed and documentation requirements that need to be met. We know exactly what those are. In addition, we can serve as a verification that your insurance company is paying an amount that will fairly restore your home. If it is less, we will work with the claims adjuster and provide the necessary documentation to get your home back to normal.

Robbins Construction evolved from builder to remodeler. Our builder background is a big asset, particularly when it comes to homeowners insurance claims.

Restoring your home to its previous condition after damage is usually not a ‘cookie-cutter’ situation – you need someone who has comprehensive knowledge of home interiors and won’t overlook anything important or “get in over their heads.” Our background as a builder gives us that special knowledge.

The truth is most contractors and home remodeling companies that do homeowner insurance work are often focused on the exterior of homes. After all, roofing and siding are common places for damage during storms and the source of many homeowner insurance claims.

But interior damage can happen for a variety of reasons and hiring a company that typically does exteriors to restore your interior can lead to disappointing results. The best solution is to hire someone who knows interiors as well.

Here’s another place where our builder background and our extensive experience in home remodeling projects sets us apart.

If you have a quality home, it has a certain aesthetic that your restoration work needs to match. We’re experts in maintaining the aesthetic value and high standards as we make your home “whole again.”

Sometimes homeowners choose to go beyond the insurance claim and decide to pay more to get an upgrade. Given our extensive remodeling expertise, we’re a good choice for that. 

We’re also flexible whenever possible. Some contractors will be rigid when it comes to fulfilling a claim. For example, if the insurance claim lists one particular paint color, some contractors insist that’s the only paint color they’ll use. But with Robbins Construction, if you want another color, we will happily accommodate you with a comparably priced alternative.

That’s just one example. With us, if there is a comparably priced alternative that your prefer, we will cheerfully accommodate you. 

Common Issues That Can Cause Damage To Interior Of Your Home

If you’ve had any kind of damage to the interior of your home – we can help you. Here are some of the common types of interior home damage:

  • Water heater leaks or bursts 
  • Refrigerator or ice maker leaks
  • Other kinds of home flooding
  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Air Conditioner Condenser Drain Leaks
  • And more – call us and we’ll talk it through.

4 Common Questions We Get About Homeowners Insurance Claims And Interior Work

NO! Your insurance company likely will provide you a list of contractors, but you are under no obligation to choose from that list.

One of the biggest problems we see is this: homeowners unknowingly choose a contractor that is not an expert in the kind of work they need done.

Many of these companies will accept jobs that they don’t know enough about. For example, a company that does exteriors will often agree to do interior remodeling or restoration work. Avoid this by always selecting a company that can prove they’re experts in the particular work you need done.

Remember, you have a choice!

Yes, it does matter who you choose, for 3 main reasons:

  1. The project can be high stress or low stress – and that depends mostly on how good the project is managed by your contractor. We have excellent project managers. 
  2. The finished work can look great… or it can look so-so. That will depend on the expertise of the remodeling company you choose. Robbins Construction has over 17 years in remodeling experience.
  3. It helps if the contractor you choose has lots of experience working with insurance claims adjusters. This will verify that you are getting the appropriate amount to make your home whole again. 

You will have to pay your deductible, but that’s it. (Of course, should you want to go beyond restoration and get more done, we’re happy to quote that for you as well).

That’s easy – give us a quick call at (901) 207-5886. We’ll talk it through and give you advice on whether it’s likely to be covered and if we’re the right company to help. Another option is to check with your local agent. (In general, it’s not a good idea to call the ‘1-800’ number of your insurance company unless your local agent recommends it first – you can end up filing a claim that gets denied and that can sometimes factor into your rates).

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