Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

Kitchen Remodeling FAQs

A: Because of the tremendous variety of kitchens in terms of layouts, product choices, and customer tastes, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not easy to get a good answer relatively quickly. With our process, you can get a good ballpark estimate after our initial consultation with you. That will give you a good idea of what to budget.

From there, we’ll work with you to fill out your choices and get an exact quote before we start your project. For more details about this, please visit our Kitchen Remodel Budget page OR just go here to schedule a free consultation and we’ll get you a solid estimate very quickly.

A: No, your payments are spread out over the course of your project on a weekly basis and you don’t make a final payment until the job is done (and done right!).

This method gives you more peace of mind because we have every incentive to keep the project on track and get the project completed to your total satisfaction.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to finance your project through one of our lending partners, your payments will be set up as monthly payments over the course of time. We can explain the difference during your free consultation. For more information, please visit our Financing page.

A: Yes we do. You can go here to see more about our showroom, including hours.

If you’re just exploring a kitchen remodel, you are certainly welcome to stop by, but most of our customers start with an in-home appointment and then come in later to get help with product selection.

A: Two of the most popular places to see online reviews of kitchen remodelers in the Memphis area are Google Reviews and Houzz. We encourage you to check us out in either or both of those places, and anywhere else there are reviews online.

We’re an open book and are proud of our overwhelmingly positive online reputation. You can learn more about this on our 5-Star Company page.

A: We are a fully accredited business with the BBB and always maintain their highest rating: A+.

A: We serve Memphis and the greater Memphis metro area. If you’re unsure, please just pick up the phone and give us a call anytime: (901) 207-5886. We promise a fast, friendly answer.

You can also visit our Service Areas page for more information.

A: We have a solid track record of keeping projects moving forward and completing them on time. (If you read our online reviews, you’ll see that quite a few of our customers talk about this as something that pleased them).

Does that mean that your project is guaranteed to never have an unexpected delay? No, we can’t promise that. We’re only human – sometimes a mistake is made and sometimes there’s just an issue like a product delay that is out of our hands.

But even in these situations, it’s our high-quality project management and crystal clear communication that makes a big difference in getting things back on track very quickly. Please visit our Kitchen Project Management page for more details.

A: Some contractors will leave you pretty much on your own to figure this out. Other contractors like to push particular products and exclude all others. We avoid both extremes.

We’ll help guide you based on our years of experience, without ever begin pushy or condescending. Homeowners also enjoy shopping in our showroom, where you can see many products for yourself in a welcoming environment.

For more details, please visit our Kitchen Product Selection page.

A: You can give us a call at (901) 207-5886 or go here to our Contact Us page.

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