Kitchen Remodeling Project Management

It’s Not Just What We Do…
It’s How We Do It.

Project Management That Delivers First Class
Kitchen Remodeling Results In Memphis & Surrounding Areas

If we had to pick just one thing that makes the biggest difference in the outcome of a kitchen remodel, it’s the quality of the project management.


That’s why we put so much focus on having rock-solid project management.

5 Ways Our Project Management Far Exceeds The Typical Remodeler

It may sound unbelievable, but the truth is that many kitchen remodeling contractors don’t really put much thought into project management. This especially applies to smaller ‘one guy and his truck’ operations, but it can apply to medium to larger companies, too. What often happens is an owner just puts it together on the fly, with the only “plan” being calling up sub-contractors and seeing who’s available.

We’d like to tell you that the day we opened our doors, we had this down to a science and everything fell into place immediately. But no, it didn’t happen like that. We learned at the School of Hard Knocks, but the good news is we’ve learned how to institute processes that improve your experience. Our communication standards, the installers that work with us, and the products we select are all the better because of our years of experience.

One thing that we’re sticklers about is good communication and we have the following standards:

  • Daily communication via email, text, or phone from your project manager
    • A visit to the job site by the project manager at least once a day
    • At least one face-to-face meeting per week with your project manager

We’ve invested in a service that allows you to visit a private, customized website that houses all the key documents, communication, ongoing job photos, and contact information for your project. You have 24/7 access to this great resource.

Not that we’d want to… but we also can never hide from you! Our office is not our truck, it’s a real physical location, including a showroom. We also have a superb, professional team, and teams of installers who we have vetted and worked with over the years. You’ll always know how you can reach us.

We Keep Your Project Moving All The Way Through To Awesome Results

Are you ready for your next remodeling project? Let us take it to the next level. Schedule a free consultation today! 

As an example for small kitchen remodel ideas, this is an artistic image of a home kitchen in Memphis, TN with new cabinetry, a beautiful island, marble countertops, and new flooring from Robbins Construction.
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