Get A New Porch That Looks Exceptional (And Avoid That ‘Tacked On’ Look!)

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A porch is a porch, right? So it shouldn’t be too hard for the average Memphis area contractor to add a porch that looks nice on your home, right?

Actually, it’s not that simple.

(And unfortunately, many of those ‘average’ contractors don’t understand that it’s not simple – because they don’t know what they don’t know).

To get a truly beautiful porch that integrates with your home’s overall look, you need to find a contractor with the right experience and expertise.

Our Builder Background & Attention To Detail Pay Off For You

Building a porch is more than just using the right materials or having decent carpentry skills.

To do it right, a contractor needs to understand the scale and proportion when designing it. It’s also crucial to know how to make the porch integrate with your home so it doesn’t look tacked on.

Here’s just one example of what we mean: if a porch will be built with columns, it’s key that your contractor knows how to size those columns in relation to both the overall porch size and the size of your home. Otherwise, your porch simply won’t look right.

That’s one example, but there are many small design details like that and they add up to a big difference in results.

At Robbins Construction, we started out as a home builder. As we evolved into a home remodeler, that original builder experience has served us well. When we create porches, we understand design principles and the use of proportion – something many contractors don’t know much about.

A Porch That Has That “Special Something”

Sometimes when you see a porch on a house it makes you say WOW. It has an extra quality that makes it attractive, but it can be hard to put your finger on exactly what it is.

What your eye is picking up is that it has been designed properly. Without the specialized training of a builder or remodeler, you may not be able to say what makes it extra beautiful. But the secret is understanding aesthetic principles and using them to create a porch that integrates beautifully with your home.

Porch Pricing: How We Work

We believe in straightforward and honest pricing at Robbins Construction. After an initial consultation, we’ll provide an estimate range. If that range works for you, we’ll work with you to fill out your specific product choices. Once we know your exact selections, we’ll be able to provide a precise quote before we start the work.

By doing it this way, you stay in control of the process. Many companies will give you a quote before finding out your specific choices. Then later they’ll be telling you everything “costs extra” – after the project is well underway.

With our method, you’ll make all your choices ahead of time and also know how each selection impacts your overall budget.

It’s a more honest and fair approach for homeowners.

Who We Are At Robbins Construction

If you haven’t done business with Robbins Construction, here are some important facts to know about us:
  • 15+ years in business serving locally, with a showroom and office (You can always find us!)
  • A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • We call on a trusted team of installers & workers who have proven themselves to be courteous, respectful, and skilled
  • Lots of excellent online reviews – we’re a 5-star company
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • We’re just plain friendly and we never condescend to our customers

Porch Construction In Memphis & Surrounding Communities

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