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Interior Remodeling? Exterior Remodeling? What If You Need Both?

Remodeling is often separated into “interior remodeling” and “exterior remodeling.” Interior remodeling refers to any remodeling projects done inside the home, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Exterior remodeling, on the other hand, is usually things like roofing and siding or decks and patios. Most remodeling companies you find will be interior remodeling companies or exterior remodeling companies. 


But what if you need both? Maybe you need a kitchen remodel, but you also need your porch to be worked on or you want to improve your outdoor living space. And where do home additions fall on this scale? It’s important to know what services your home remodeling company offers and how they can help you before you hire them.

Robbins Construction Offers Interior Home Remodeling As Well As Outdoor Living and Porches In Collierville, TN

At Robbins Construction, we’re primarily an indoor remodeling company. We perform kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, handyman services, and home additions — both inside and out. But our services don’t stop there. While we can’t add new siding to your home or find you a replacement roof, we can remodel your porch or offer you an excellent outdoor living space perfect for entertaining. We care about the state of your home inside and out, and we want to help you make that a reality. Best of all, all of our remodeling is custom, so you’re not getting a cookie-cutter solution. You’re getting the remodels that are right for you.

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