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5 Core Features of Robbins Construction - What To Expect

Our company is actually located just five miles away in Germantown, which is also where our Showroom is. For over fifteen years now we’ve grown in this gorgeous area - our customers are your neighbors and fellow community members. We’re not just remodeling and building homes here, but our families as well.

We’re a structured and established business from head to toe, fully-licensed and certified. For you this means you don’t have to worry about dealing with the nonsense less professional residential remodeling companies and contractors put their customers through. This includes shotty sales and pricing games.

Please take a few moments to browse the vast assortment of beautiful photos we have in our Project Galleries. You can see for yourself the consistent levels of talented craftsmanship we represent AND stand by over the long haul. We’re not the home remodeler that just drops off the map after project completion.

Robbins Construction began as a local custom home builder then slowly incorporated more remodeling and handyman services into our business model to provide better service. In other words, there’s almost nothing we can’t do. Fully load us up with all the projects you’ve needed done all at once or over time. 

Our craftsmanship and well-known work ethic aside, Robbins Construction customers feel respected, listened to, and cared for! The home remodeling experience with us is going to be a personal one. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to all feel like family by the time the project’s done. We’re flesh and blood like you.  

Local Versatility: Our Residential Remodeling Services

You can turn to Robbins Construction for just about anything related to residential remodeling, maintenance and repair. Here’s a bullet-point view to give you an idea of our versatility.

  • Custom Home Building – From The Ground Up
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing – Installation, Repair & Maintenance
  • Full Bathroom Remodeling
  • Full Kitchen Remodeling – Including Outdoor Kitchens
  • Home Additions –  Including Built Ins & Closets
  • Porch Design & Construction
  • Stairs, Flooring & Tile Installation
  • Door Installation & Door Exteriors – Including Door Repair
  • Fireplaces & Millwork
  • General Handyman Services

The first step is contacting us. Together we need to ensure, for both your sake and ours, that we’re a good match for your project needs. From here our process involves roughly ten steps from beginning to end, broken down in such a way to remove any chance of unpleasantness or surprises for all parties involved. 


Don’t take our word for it though, just ask our customers. 

We’re ‘That Company’ That’s Going to Provide An Unforgettable Home Remodeling Experience & Results

Reviews in our industry are absolutely critical. It’s not like you’re just going out to grab a bite to eat or nab something simple off Amazon. The costs involved in home remodeling and handyman work can be substantial, so the way remodelers manage their relationships with people around the community is a huge deal. 


The reason Robbins Construction maintains such a personable, impeccable, mature, and professional reputation in Collierville is because we’re a well-run company with local service-first principles. 


Let’s look at three short and genuine reviews that touch on these points. 

“Every person affiliated with this company who came into our house was professional, polite and cared about providing a quality job. I would do it all over again with this company, and am ecstatic about our new kitchen.”


Absolutely. Workers under the Robbins Construction banner know they’re expected to behave at the highest levels of professionalism.

“Robbins Construction was very professional, clean, on budget, and on time. But, most importantly; they are trustworthy.“

Without question, we’re as transparent as window glass. In fact, we hope you’ll come stop by the Showroom to say hi, chat and get to know us better.

“They were very concerned about making me happy. They were very professional; no daily mess was ever left in the front of my house. The final work was superior and better than I had anticipated.”

Our Service Area Focus - Central & Eastern Memphis

Because we like the size of our company the way it is and we don’t want to water down our level of customer service, we only work in specific parts of Central and Eastern Memphis. Thankfully that includes all of Collierville, but to be prudent here is how we typically break down our Memphis service areas.

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