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Meet Robbins Construction A 15+ Year Full-Service Professional Home Remodeler (Proudly) Based In Germantown

  • Germantownians are proud of their stomping grounds and we keep it clean, safe, and well-respected among all Memphis suburbs. 
  • Our fabulous schools, medical system, and emergency services in Germantown are 100% top notch! Again, well-respected both locally and around the region. 
  • Being in the home remodeling business, we appreciate how nice folks keep their homes. And, the remodeling projects we’re involved with are always a smashing success.
  • It’s a great location for everyone from young new families to retired couples. 
  • Our local food, hospitality, health & fitness-orientated culture and the many local festivals and events are second to none.

Plus it’s incredible that the heart of historic Germantown is but five minutes from the outskirts of Memphis City and all that lays within its world-renowned city limits.

That said, let’s introduce you to the basics of our company – the pillars of what we do for homeowners.

The 5 Pillars of Our Residential Remodeling Company in Germantown, TN...Unique & Professional

As we say, our high-quality porches are lightyears beyond conventional ‘looks tacked on’ porches you get with less specialized home remodeling contractors that steer away from custom work. We began as a custom home builder, so we understand everything involved in building porches with something truly special.

This includes both indoor and outdoor kitchens that glimmer with custom details and expert uniqueness; that stun and mesmerize with high-performance features. From more conservative-modest-attractive kitchen remodels, to ‘fully loaded & dazzling’ where everything including the kitchen sink is sparkling new.

Once you understand how incredibly strict we are when it comes to the builders we work with, you know why our bathroom remodeling projects have always turned out stunningly attractive. Be sure to browse our bathroom remodeling gallery to see for yourself. You can also come visit our Germantown showroom as well.

Again, as long-standing home builders we know how to create additions that a) are in proportion to the rest of your home, b) that are consistent with your home’s architectural type, and c) that match in both color and stylistic details. Everything perfectly legal, up to code, and versatile - we can do basically anything.

Browse through our customer reviews and you’ll find a good percentage of folks meet us through general handyman services around their home. Sometimes it’s one small issue, and sometimes it’s a whole laundry list of repair and maintenance that’s been long overdue. We’re fully-licensed, insured, and ready to help.

Robbins Construction Is The Local ‘Sure Thing’ Option in Home Remodeling & Repair

Now that you know where we come from and what kind of services we’re offering, you’d like to know more about what it’s like to work with us. First and foremost, turn to our customer reviews. 

We can toot our own horn all we want, but the caulking meets the tile in how folks feel about our process and workmanship… six months down the road, a year down the road, after working with us on five or six projects over the span of a few years, etc. 

You’ll find out all about the fine details, but in a nutshell for your research purposes here and now, these are three core themes in our past work.

  • We typically come through with the best pricing based on high-quality materials and high-quality results with long-term value. 
  • We are known to get our projects done in a very timely fashion – according to an extremely well-planned and prepared-for schedule. 
  • We deliver a family and community-orientated, personal experience where customer service genuinely means a lot to us. 

As an example, here’s a review from mid-2020 from a really great guy named Thomas. He went through our entire process to get his kitchen completely head-to-toe remodeled.

“We used Robbins Construction to completely remodel our kitchen as well as other work around our house. It is extremely rare to find service providers in the construction industry who are excellent on both the business/customer service side and the workmanship side, but Robbins is one of those businesses.”

There’s plenty more where that came from, and we’d absolutely love to see if we can add your project to our stunning galleries soon.

Local Versatility: A Longer List of Our Residential Remodeling Services

While we touched on the five core pillars, that really doesn’t include the entirety of what we’re capable of. You can turn to Robbins Construction for just about anything related to residential remodeling. Here’s a more thorough list, but we kept it bullet-point simple.

Our Service Area Focus - Central & Eastern Memphis

As mentioned we’re based in Germantown and this is where our core showroom is located. However, we do provide services to other select areas throughout Central & Eastern Memphis. To be prudent, here’s how we typically break it down. 

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