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What Our Customers Are Saying

At Robbins Construction our goal is to provide you with the best price, the quickest timeline, and a personable experience. We’re not a large corporation, but a close-knit company who maintains professional relationships with craftspeople across the region. 

Whether it’s a relatively small project or we’re building a brand new custom home, if we work together there’s a 100% certainty we’re going to take your project with the utmost seriousness. We’re NOT the kind of company who hops aboard every residential remodeling opportunity coming down the Mississippi. 

Instead, we’re careful and have a thorough process as you’ll see in the next section.  

In the meantime, please take a moment to read our Customer Reviews and testimonials. Fact check us and verify we do indeed carry a near impeccable record with homeowners across Central and Eastern Memphis.

According to homeowners, Robbins Construction is:

  • A collection of professionals who genuinely stand behind their workmanship.
  • A residential remodeling company that TRULY cares about customer satisfaction.
  • Still known for attentive friendly service and quality results after close to 20 years.
  • The type of company where we end up feeling like family by the time your project’s complete.

How do we ensure this is the case time and time again? As mentioned, we adhere to an extremely detailed process involving a lot of two-way communication before any paperwork is signed.

The Five Steps We Take BEFORE Any Hammering Begins

Generally speaking, this is the process you would go through with us the first time we meet or work together. Many of our customers use us for projects repeatedly over time afterwards, but this is where things typically begin.

Honestly, even if we could take every potential project we’re offered we wouldn’t. It would water down our current superior service levels. This call is about getting an idea of your needs while giving you a clear sense of how we run our Memphis, TN residential remodeling business. 
If we agree your project meshes well with us, we’ll schedule a free in-home consult where we’ll assess your Memphis home, listen to you, provide feedback, advice, and ideas and discuss budgeting. Afterwards you’ll get our opinion on probable costs with a budget range.
If we’re still comfortable with each other, conversations are great, budgeting range is agreeable, and you definitely want to move forward, we’ll happily accept your retainer and provide professional design services with all the needed specifications (costs later applied to the project if you work with us). 
Aside from the construction phase itself, this is the step with the most work included. It involves highly-advanced software, inspecting all codes, restrictions, and laws, finalizing styles, choosing best-fit materials across the board, and putting together your line-by-line transparent cost estimate.
Now we need to create a professional production plan, obtain all necessary permits, order all the needed materials with some margin, assign a dedicated Robbins Project Manager and then coordinate both manpower and materials delivery for a timely high-quality completion.

Once your project reaches its glorious completion, we aren’t the company that ups and disappears either. Another common theme in our reviews you’ll find is that we’re going to check up on you! We want to know for a fact our work is done well and performing as it should.

And, you can call us months and months down the road with an issue and we’ll come fix or tweak it, no questions asked.

Quickly Discover What It’s Like to Work with Robbins Construction

Robbins Construction is a full-service residential remodeling company capable of everything from one-off ‘Can you fix this?’ Handyman Services projects, to building absolutely stunning custom homes for families in the Memphis, TN area.

What we find is that often interested-but-skeptical folks tend to approach with something relatively simple – say, new kitchen cabinetry for example – then, after experiencing our process, our people, and our professionalism first-hand, they share their whole vision for the home.

This recent customer review perfectly demonstrates the point.

“Our experience with Robbins Construction has been exceptional!!! We selected them to completely redo our kitchen, master bathroom, laundry room, powder room, fireplace surround, exterior shutters, garage door, front door, hardwoods on our stairs, landing, and hallway, painting, and lighting!!”

No matter how many of those you choose to read through, don’t forget to spend a little time browsing both our full Design Portfolio and our many different Galleries of project photographs as well. This gives you a visual, more emotional journey through our full range of residential remodeling capabilities and style.

A Partial List of Our Residential Remodeling Services in Memphis

  • Custom Home Building – From The Ground Up
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing – Installation, Repair & Maintenance
  • Full Bathroom Remodeling
  • Full Kitchen Remodeling – Including Outdoor Kitchens
  • Home Additions –  Including Built Ins & Closets
  • Porch Design & Construction
  • Stairs, Flooring & Tile Installation
  • Door Installation & Door Exteriors – Including Door Repair
  • Fireplaces & Millwork

What’s nice is having your own locally-experienced residential remodeling professional there to help. And, yes, when needed, to walk you through those tougher decisions and indecisive moments. 

Robbins Construction is going to make you feel completely comfortable at every stage of the renovation, repair, or maintenance work. So the only question is, are you in our service area?

Our Service Area Focus – Central & Eastern Memphis

We are unable to work in every area of Memphis, TN. While it’s nice to think about in terms of having a gigantic Robbins Construction family ten times larger than it already is, it would water down our current business model far too much. Our customers deserve a high level of service, and we won’t sacrifice that.

If you’re in the following areas of Memphis, we’re likely within reach.

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“The final product exceeded our expectations, the quality, the details, and still on budget. But, most importantly, they stand behind their work and won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied. We love our new kitchen and highly recommend Robbins Construction.”

Roberto N.
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Let’s Get Started

Speak With an In-House Designer

We can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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“Project exceeded our expectations both in terms of quality of construction and the process. Project completed ahead of schedule, exactly on budget, and our punch list of final things to touch up…consisted of not one thing. Project couldn’t have gone any better, I give Robbins Construction my highest recommendation!”

Arthur B.

“From the beginning, the professionalism and understanding of the project were evident. Throughout the entire remodeling process, you demonstrated outstanding attention to detail, communication, and dedication.”

Ray S.

“Robbins Construction recently completed a bathroom remodel for our family and did an amazing job! All of the staff we worked with provided great feedback, timely service, and a beautiful final product. I would highly recommend Robbins Construction to family and friends.”

Heather H.

“We highly, highly recommend! We hired Robbins Construction to manage a complete lower-level renovation due to water damage from a dishwasher event. Because we felt confident in their capabilities and quality, we also included remodeling/upgrades.”

Jody U.

“From the initial prep to protect floors, furniture and seal-off work areas, to demo, construction, painting, floor refinishing, HVAC work, finished and clean-up— all of the Robbins crews were efficient and conscientious.”

Rick C.

“They did excellent work in a timely manner. It was truly enjoyable to work with these wonderful people. I’m sure you’ve heard nightmares about renovating your home. I can honestly say, working with Robbins has been a dream come true!!! Thank you Robbins Construction for transforming our house into our dream home!!!”

Rebecca P.

“The final product exceeded our expectations, the quality, the details, and still on budget. But, most importantly, they stand behind their work and won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied. We love our new kitchen and highly recommend Robbins Construction.”

Roberto N.