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5 Distinctive Kitchen Remodeling Features...Why Midtown Memphians Choose Robbins Construction

When you spend a few moments browsing our Kitchen Gallery (or perhaps you already have), please understand those gorgeous pictures are only skin deep. They don’t truly capture the amount of committed hard work, craftsmanship, granular preparation, timing, and passion that goes into those new kitchen remodels. Every facet is finely-tuned and deliberately designed.


Robbins Construction isn’t a large corporate outfit, but a close-knit team of competent professionals. While we’re not going to tell you the experience will be completely stress-free (because no kitchen remodeling project ever is), we can ensure a careful and extremely low-risk experience with outstanding results. We guarantee personalized, attentive, and friendly service.


Why are we so transparent? Because there is no other way to properly remodel a kitchen in Midtown Memphis, or anywhere else for that matter. Robbins Construction takes every possible precaution. We’re obsessed with every minor detail. When it comes to budgeting ranges, estimates, product pricing, and cost analysis we’re committed to a No Surprises policy. 


At the end of the day, we’re home remodeling artisans. Professionally we’re skilled builders and designers, but when push comes to shove we believe the kitchen we create for you is a work of residential art: beautiful, full of personal style and functional elegance. We focus on cohesion. Open spaces. Classy-dynamic color schemes. We stress the subtle details. We’re refined. 


Over the years we’ve carved out, demonstrated, and tested Our Core Values for homeowners in Midtown and across the greater Memphis area. Simply put, they are to Listen First and without fail to always Tell It Straight. No games or nonsense. When it comes to our work, you can expect us to be Clean & Courteous, and put great emphasis on effective Project Management.


Work With Talented & Accomplished Midtown Memphis Kitchen Remodelers

All that being said, you’re left wondering what it’s like to work with us. In a word: careful. We’re not going to rush into anything, with anyone, for any price. Instead, we prudently go step by step to ensure we’re the right fit for your needs.

But don’t just take our word on all this. Please take a few moments to skim through our client testimonials and reviews. Robbins Construction maintains a near-spotless reputation among fellow Memphis homeowners. Here’s a short recent example from a wonderful woman named Chere:

“Every person affiliated with Robbins Construction who came into our house was professional, polite, and cared about providing a quality job. I would do it all over again with this company, and am ecstatic about our new kitchen.”

Our Quality Work Speaks For Itself

Check out some of the successful kitchen remodeling projects we’ve completed:

Robbins’ 4-Step Remodeling Process

After introductions, we’ll schedule a consultation where we can sit down and talk seriously about your vision. Our initial goal is to quickly see whether we’re the right contractor for you. And if we are, we want you to have a clear understanding of what that’s going to look like: note any issues or challenges with the space, give you round budgeting ranges, and make an initial assessment.

If the initial assessment looks and feels good and everyone involved is convinced we’re a great match, our policy is to ask for 3% of the estimated cost range. This is going to later be applied to the overall price of your project, but it gives us the resources we need to begin professionally planning and designing your kitchen remodel. Our process is open, safe, and straightforward.

Let’s assume you fall in love with our kitchen design and budget and choose to move forward with Robbins Construction. From here you get your log-in details for your online portal. Throughout your project, you have 24/7 access to everything involved: all documents, kitchen designs, communications, alerts, photography, and extra-helpful homeowner resources.

Frankly, this is one of the best parts of the process: getting a dedicated Project Manager and going through the fine details of choosing products and materials! With Robbins Construction anything is possible, so having that guidance there to keep the kitchen’s framework focused and cohesive is critical. This is then translated into your official project design and final quote.

Please keep in mind these steps have been simplified here to save you some reading time today. But as you can see, the Robbins Construction process is going to be structured in a way where everyone is safe and risk is almost completely removed. All that being said, here’s a quick peek at our other capabilities as a full-service residential remodeler.

A Partial List of Our Other Residential Remodeling Services

  • Custom Home Building – From The Ground Up
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing – Installation, Repair & Maintenance
  • Full Bathroom Remodeling
  • Home Additions –  Including Built-Ins & Closets
  • Porch Design & Construction
  • Stairs, Flooring & Tile Installation
  • Door Installation & Door Exteriors – Including Door Repair<//strong>
  • Fireplaces & Millwork<//strong>

Our Service Area Focus - Central & Eastern Memphis

Wondering whether your home is within our service area? If you’re in Midtown, then it’s very likely we can work with you. But unfortunately, we aren’t capable of handling all of Memphis Metro. The area is too vast and we are not willing to water down our close-knit and experienced teams.

Below is an easy bullet-point perspective of the major areas we cover. Don’t see your particular city or area listed? When in doubt, feel free to give us a call. We still might be able to help.

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