Core Values

We’ll Never Claim Perfection, But We Are Always Honest

Our 4 Core Values Keep Us On the Right Track
& Ensure Our Memphis Area Customers Better Results

We’ll let you in on a little secret.

It’s the kind of secret everyone already knows, but no remodeling companies will say it straight out. But we’ll say it anyway:

All companies make mistakes. All projects run into glitches, snags, and problems to be overcome.

This is especially true in-home remodeling, which requires a lot of coordination, precision, and communication to be successful. Things can go sideways even with the best of intentions.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that the Memphis remodeler you choose has systems in place to prevent problems AND the integrity to fix them fast and appropriately if something does go wrong.

That’s why we’ve created a set of 4 Core Values to keep us grounded and on track.

Whenever there’s a choice between the right way or a shortcut, we refer to our Core Values and let them be our guide.

Our 4 Core Values


Listen First

If we don’t listen closely to our customers, we can’t deliver results they’ll love. We’re there to add our experience and expertise, but never to pressure or push our customers into something they don’t want.


Tell It Straight

This is also known as: Just Be Honest. Mistakes happen but there’s never any reason or excuse for any kind of dishonesty. This applies to every aspect of our business, including how we treat vendors and each other. It also includes being completely transparent about the budgeting process – you’ll always be informed on how your decisions impact your overall costs.


Clean & Courteous

We know that many homeowners get upset with contractors that leave a job site littered with trash. There are also unfriendly contractors that seem to resent that you would have an opinion about your own remodel. This is not acceptable. We consider cleaning up after ourselves MANDATORY. Being courteous is a big part of our company culture and we value our customers and their opinions.


Project Management Matters

The key to successful home remodeling projects is great communication, solid planning, and problem solving. Our project managers rely on a proven formula of daily communication, meticulous planning of product choices, and an openness to feedback to deliver awesome results.

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