Kitchen Remodeling Process

Our Process = Less Stress And Better Results.

Make Sure The Memphis Kitchen Remodeling Company You Choose Has A Process That Is Fair, Reliable, And Clear.

Here’s something most kitchen remodeling contractors wouldn’t dare tell you:

Having your kitchen remodeled has some unavoidable stress built into the process.

For one, you’re going to be without your kitchen for several weeks. Daunting, we know.

Two, you can count on at least a few things cropping up unexpectedly (a product order gets delayed, something unexpected happens during part of the installation, etc.). 

This is why it’s SO important that the Memphis kitchen remodeler you choose has a proven, step-by-step process that ends with great results. It keeps your project moving forward and solves problems as they come up.

Contractors that don’t have a clear and reliable structure can quickly lose control of a project. Unexpected delays and poor communication lead to frustration, and the whole thing can become a nightmare. We are not those contractors.

Our Step-By-Step Process, Clearly And Simply Explained

Over years in business, we’ve fine-tuned a step-by-step plan for kitchen remodels. Without bogging you down with details, here is what you can expect from Robbins Construction:

The first step is for you to call us at (901) 207-5886 or go here to our Contact Us page. We’ll schedule a consultation to come to your home and see your current kitchen and have a pressure-free conversation about what you want.

We always take a ‘listen first’ approach. After getting clear on what you want, we talk to you about the process, answer any questions you have, and then go back to our office to calculate an estimate.

We'll work up an estimate range for your project. If you agree with the range, we'll ask you for a retainer deposit which is normally about 3% of the estimate range and then get started with you on exact product selection, a complete professional design, and finalized pricing.

Sometimes we’re asked why we only give an estimate range to start instead of an exact quote.

The answer is we can’t give exact pricing until we know your exact selections. Any Memphis kitchen remodeling company that gives you an exact quote to start is either overcharging you (by building in enough margin to cover any choices you make) or will be asking you to pay more later.

We think our process is more straightforward and gives you the freedom to make the choices you want and know how it will affect the overall project cost.

We’ll invite you to our showroom to kick off the process of product selection. We’ll guide and educate you on products, but we’re never pushy.

We’ll also complete a professional design for you using software so you can see how your choices will look.

Once all your choices have been made, we can give you a final quote and set up your payments for the project. Your payments occur on a weekly basis and our spread out over the course of the project.

Paying in increments over the course of the project gives you additional peace of mind. It’s on us to make sure we keep working to get keep your project on track – we’re not getting paid if we don’t show up!

Now it’s time to map out the length of your project and schedule your first day (where we tear out the old so we can get started building your beautiful new kitchen).

We’ll work together to find a scheduled start date that works for you.

There’s no risk and no obligation. Why not take the first step and reach out to us for a free consultation and estimate?

We set very high communication standards for our kitchen remodeling projects. Here is what you can expect:

  • Daily communication via email, text, or phone from your project manager
  • A visit to the job site by the project manager at least once a day
  • At least one face-to-face meeting per week with your project manager
  • An online portal where you can sign in to see all of your remodeling key documents, work schedules, and other important information


In addition to communication and contact with you, your project manager is always working hard behind the scenes to make sure the right craftsman shows up on time and gets the work done right. And if a scheduling snag happens, your project manager fixes it and communicates the solution to you.

As your project nears completion it’s an exciting time. We get down to a final ‘punch list’ – all those last details to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Lastly, we’ll do a final walkthrough so you have peace of mind that everything has been completed as promised.

Here’s a good rule of thumb for homeowners: never pay a contractor in full until the job is done – and done right!

We hold ourselves to that same standard. You won’t be asked to make a final payment on your project until the job is done and you are completely satisfied.

Now there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your new kitchen.

We also love repeat business if you have other projects in the future. And we always appreciate a positive online review if you want to leave one.

Our Process Is Simple But Effective

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