Selecting Bathroom Remodeling Products

Selecting High-Quality Bathroom Remodeling Products The Straightforward Way

Our Showroom + Our Expertise Makes It Easier For
Memphis Homeowners To Find Products They Love

What starts out as something that should be fun – shopping for bathroom products that are beautiful – can turn stressful if done the wrong way.

But it really can be enjoyable to pick out what you want. All you have to do is avoid some common mistakes.

Avoid These 3 Typical Pitfalls When Choosing Products For Your Bathroom Remodel

Some Memphis area bathroom remodeling companies come on too strong. This is typically a situation where a high-pressure salesperson comes in and starts talking fast and telling you what you need before listening carefully to what you want.

They’ll also likely be trying to twist your arm into signing a contract on their very first visit. This kind of remodeler will often try to dominate the situation and always wants to do it their way – “the way they’ve always done it.”

Our way is more low-key and more homeowner friendly.

We listen first, ask questions, and find out your goals. After listening first, we then use our expertise to provide recommendations, while still leaving the ultimate product decisions to you.

Of course, there are some Memphis area bathroom contractors out there who do the exact opposite.

They won’t push you into anything, but they also won’t give you any guidance. Either because of a lack of experience or a lack of a showroom, many bathroom contractors leave you completely on your own when it comes to product selection.

It’ll be kind of like this: “Tell us what you picked out and when you’ll have it here.” There will be zero guidance, very little design help, and an overall lack of project management.

Some remodelers will give you a price and then want to dive in to work before planning everything out. Making big decisions in the middle of the project is a recipe for delays, bad communications, and budget confusion.

At Robbins Construction, we get clear on all your choices before we start so we can give you an exact price and we can all know we are on the same page. Bathroom remodels are less stressful and more successful when all product choices are made ahead of time.

Here’s How We Recommend Selecting Products For Your Bathroom Remodel

We do 3 things that make bathroom remodeling product selection more pleasant:
  • We keep it friendly – Part of our company culture is to always take a ‘Listen First’ approach. We believe in educating customers in a friendly way and letting them decide. Even when we recommend against choosing a particular product, we give you the facts about why. We never make it unpleasant or condescending. 
  • You get expert guidance based on lots of experience – After completing so many bathroom remodels over the years, we’ve come to know what products you can trust – and what to avoid. We also have a good sense of what products will fit best with your overall design and tastes. We’ll recommend what we think best, but you always stay in the driver’s seat. 
  • A showroom is a great place to shop – There are many Memphis area bathroom remodelers that are pretty much one guy and his truck. These companies typically leave you on your own to find products. We’re different. We’re an established company with a showroom – come in to see product samples and shop in a courteous and professional environment.

Product Selection For Bathroom Remodeling In Memphis & Surrounding Areas Robbins Construction can help with selecting:

  • Showers
  • Tubs
  • Flooring
  • Vanities
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors
  • Toilets
  • Accessories
  • And More
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