Selecting Kitchen Remodeling Products

Selecting Kitchen Remodeling Products You’ll Love…But Minus The Stress

Here’s How Memphis Homeowners Can Choose Kitchen Remodeling Products Including Cabinets, Flooring, Appliances & More

Shopping for the products for your kitchen remodel should be fun, not drudgery.

It really CAN be pleasant, but you do have to avoid some common pitfalls.

Avoid These 3 Common Problems When Selecting Products For Your Kitchen Remodel

Some remodeling kitchen companies come in with a ‘talk first’ approach – they are giving you recommendations and ideas before you’ve had much of a chance to tell them what you want.

In cases like these, the remodeler often wants to do things the same way they’ve always done them, with certain products that they like to push on homeowners.

We think it is better to always listen first, ask a lot of questions, and really understand your goals for your project. Only then do we advise you, and we leave the ultimate product decisions to you, without any pressure or sales bullying.

There are other Memphis kitchen remodeling contractors with the opposite problem. Either because of a lack of experience or a lack of a showroom, many kitchen contractors leave you completely on your own when it comes to product selection.

You’ll be expected to make all the selections on your own through big box stores or other sources. They’ll be no guidance on what to avoid and no suggestions on what would work well with your kitchen layout.

At Robbins Construction, we always nail down all the details of your kitchen remodel before we begin. After years of experience, we know that asking you to make choices as you go along can cause a lot of headaches for all concerned.

Delays, miscommunications, budget overruns, and other bad stuff is likely to result when you make choices ‘on the fly.’ Kitchen remodels turn out better with less stress when everyone is clear on the product choices ahead of time.

A Better Way To Select Products For Kitchen Remodels In The Memphis Area

Robbins Construction does 3 things that make kitchen remodeling product selection much easier and more fun:
  • Takes a friendly, stress free approach – We always listen first and let you make up your own mind about products. Even when we are recommending against choosing a particular product, we always explain why and never take a condescending attitude to homeowners.
  • Provides expert guidance based on years of experience – We’ve done so many kitchen remodels that we’re experts about what products you can trust and which ones will integrate the best with your overall design.
  • Welcomes you to our showroom – Many kitchen remodeling contractors serving the Memphis area are one-man operations – these are the “companies” where the owner’s truck is also the office. This can leave you on your own to shop for products. We do it differently. We’re an established company with a real office and showroom where you can come shop in a friendly and courteous environment.

Product Selection For Kitchen Remodeling – Memphis & Surrounding Areas We’ll help with selecting:

  • Cabinets
  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Pantries
  • Islands
  • And More
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