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We’re The Memphis Bathroom Remodeling Company With A Clear Process That Keeps Your Project On Track

Most bathroom remodeling contractors don’t like to say it, but it’s something homeowners need to know:

Remodeling your bathroom comes along with some inevitable stress.

For one, it usually takes weeks to remodel a bathroom – time you will be without that particular bathroom.

And of course, there’s almost always a few things that can crop up unexpectedly (a product order gets delayed, something unforeseen happens during part of the installation, etc.).

Since obstacles and surprises happen quite often, the key is to find a Memphis bathroom remodeler that has an organized, step-by-step process that handles problems efficiently and professionally.

That’s us – we have a clear process.

And we can tell you that many contractors don’t have a clear and reliable structure and can quickly lose control of a project. There’s a good chance you’ve heard a remodeling horror story or two from a friend or neighbor, and that’s all because of a lack of processes.

Our consultations are free and friendly. Call us at (901) 207-5886 or click here to request one. We’ll visit your home and look at your current bathroom. We’ll listen to your goals and ask a lot of questions.

We have a ‘listen first’ attitude – that’s how we approach all our consultations. After getting clear on what you want, we let you know a little more about us and answer any questions you have. Then we go back to our office to calculate an estimate.

We’ll provide an estimate range for your bathroom remodel. If the range is a good fit for you and your budget, we’ll ask for a $1,000 deposit and then get to work on nailing down all the exact details.

This will include exact product selection, a complete professional design, and a final price.

Sometimes homeowners are curious about why we give an estimate range first instead of an exact quote right away.

The answer is we think this is the only honest and fair way. We can only give you a true exact quote after we know what specific products you select. Any Memphis bathroom remodeler that gives an immediate quote is likely either overcharging you (by making the price so high it will cover any choices you make) or by later telling you that everything is an “additional charge.”

Our process is more straightforward and fair. You maintain the freedom to make the choices you want and you’ll also know how those choices will impact your overall budget.

A good place to start with product selection is at our showroom. It’s a friendly environment to learn more about your options and to see the products for yourself.

We also use professional quality design software to create a vision of your project – this will give you a chance to see your remodel in a more concrete way.

After all your product choices have been made and all the details settled, we can give you your final quote and set up a payment schedule for your bathroom remodel.

Payments are made on a weekly basis as the project progresses. By setting up the payment structure this way, you get additional peace of mind and we’re held accountable. We need to keep working each week – if we don’t show up, we’re not getting paid!

Now it’s time to map out the length of your project and schedule your first day (where we tear out the old one so we can get started building your beautiful new bathroom).

We’ll work together to find a scheduled start date that works for you.

We set very high communication standards for our bathroom remodeling projects. Communication is the key to keeping a project on track and minimizing stress. Here’s what we do to communicate:

  • Daily communication via email, text, or phone from your project manager
  • A visit to the job site by the project manager at least once a day
  • At least one face-to-face meeting per week with your project manager
  • An online portal where you can sign in to see all of your remodeling key documents, work schedules, and other important information

There are also many kinds of communication going on “behind the scenes.” Making sure installers stick to the right time schedule and making timing adjustments as needed are areas of focus. We’ll be working hard on that to keep your remodel moving forward.

We have top project managers – you’d be hard pressed to find better ones in the Memphis area – visit our Bathroom Project Management page to learn more.

Now we’re almost there – it’s so close to done you can already see how beautiful your new bathroom is! But we want to get all the details right and make certain you’re happy and satisfied. We’ll create a final ‘punch list’ to make sure nothing is missed.

Then together we’ll do a final walkthrough to give you complete peace of mind that everything is done as promised.

Here’s some advice from our owner Donald Robbins when doing any kind of home improvement: “Never pay a contractor in full until the job is done – and done right!”

And Donald makes sure we operate on the same principles. That’s why we never ask for final payment until your bathroom remodel is complete and you’re satisfied.

After all the time you spent thinking about having a new bathroom, it’s now finally done and you can just enjoy it.

We also love repeat customers – contact us for kitchens, additions, porches, and more. And we’re always grateful for a positive online review if you think we’ve earned it.

Our Process Is Clear… And It Works

The above steps might sound fairly obvious, but we can tell you that we know many Memphis area bathroom remodeling contractors do very little planning and handle every project “on the fly.”

That ‘loosey-goosey’ approach is exactly what leads to cost overruns and poor communication – and lots of stress for the homeowner, too.

While we’ll never claim to be perfect, we do have a process that is proven to deliver results that homeowners love.

Would you like to talk to us and get a free consultation on your bathroom remodeling project? There’s no risk to you – request your free estimate now.

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