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Excellent Project Management Is The Key To Great Bathroom Remodeling Results

Bathroom Remodeling In Memphis & Surrounding Areas With Less Stress & Better Results

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of solid project management if you want a superb bathroom remodeling results and a good service experience.

Your project manager is the point person to make sure everything is planned well and then efficiently carried out. And if something goes wrong – and there are always challenges and obstacles – a good project manager communicates those challenges and finds a solution.

We’re pleased to say we have truly exceptional project managers.

Here Are 5 Ways Our Project Management Exceeds The Typical Experience

It might sound hard to believe at first, but the plain fact is that most bathroom remodeling contractors don’t put a lot of thought into project management. Each project is put together on the fly with whatever sub-contractors they can piece together, and communication is typically scattershot. We’re different – we have strict communication standards and all scheduling and planning is done in advance.

It’d be nice to say that as soon as we started out, we knew exactly what we were doing and everything went smoothly. It never happens that way, and it didn’t with us either. But we’re a company that learns and now we have a process we’re confident in. Our communication standards, the installers that work with us, and the products we select are all the better because of our years of experience. That’s not to say we’re perfect all the time, but we will always deliver the results we promised.

No one is perfect, but one thing we think ANY company should be able to do is provide clear and honest communication. That’s why we’ve set the following standards:

  • Daily communication via email, text, or phone from your project manager
  • A visit to the job site by the project manager at least once a day
  • At least one face-to-face meeting per week with your project manager

We have invested in technology that houses all key documents for your project in one place. This private access website will be a place you can go anytime to see the communications, job photos, documents, and contact info for your project. You can use this terrific resource 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many Memphis area bathroom contractors use their truck and mobile phone for their office and showroom. Not us. Our office and showroom means you’ll never have to look hard to find us! We also have a superb, professional office team plus many installers who we’ve worked with for years.

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