Desouza Testimonial

“What excellent work! We’re super-happy with EVERYTHING.”

Their First Time Working With A Home Remodeling Firm, Robbins Blew Expectations Right Out Of The Water

We recently had the pleasure of working with the local Desouza family here in Germantown, where our beautiful showroom is located.
Some Of Our Projects:

Let’s look at some of the before or ‘during’ pictures for a number of projects we did for them. This doesn’t cover everything, but these will give you a good glimpse into the levels of transformation they needed us to get absolutely perfect.

  • We built a new suite addition, which was a great experience for everyone involved.
Robbins Case Study Desouza 1
  • We completely renovated their kitchen area, which included replacing some high-traffic flooring. As you can see below, it was in rough shape.
Robbins Case Study Desouza 3
  • We worked on a new staircase for them as well (it needed proper railing).
Robbins Case Study Desouza 2

Why Robbins Construction?

They actually knew of us beforehand because we’d done some spectacular projects for both coworkers and extended family members. The majority of our customers come to us through referrals, as word definitely gets around in Germantown and East Memphis when you stand behind impeccable workmanship.
That being said, the Desouza’s went and visited a couple of other local contractors to be thorough and prudent. But once we had the chance to sit down for the initial interview, it became clear we were a stellar match.

“We were very comfortable with them from the get-go. Not just in terms of their friendly demeanor, but their overall approach and explanation of how they would run projects from beginning to end.”

Like many other homeowners, they hadn’t ever been involved in a major home remodel, especially one as extensive as their needs required. They didn’t know what to expect, but they went to the trouble of getting some quality architectural plans beforehand.

“The owner [Donald Robbins] and design consultant came to our house, listened intently to us, and were also focused on the WHY behind our decision to improve the home. They wanted to get to know our family situation and really understand our needs.”

Getting Great Insight & Seasoned Suggestions

At Robbins, we work by very strict professional standards.
So when they brought us their plans and shared their vision, despite the fact they hadn’t signed any dotted lines, we were very forthcoming with ways to improve the overall results. We had a few suggestions they hadn’t considered to take these spaces to the next level.
We would rather do more listening than try to drive the project’s direction.
We intend to be as helpful as possible whether we get the contract or not.

“You could tell they were sincere and would see the project through rather than just trying to make a buck.”

Let’s look at one example.

“One of the aspects of our project was the relocation of a half-bath to add square footage. Robbins suggested a walk-in pantry as a replacement, which has been awesome! And, it was something we wouldn’t have thought of.”

Despite Extenuating Circumstances, Our Project Team Was Johnny On The Spot

The project lasted roughly 5-6 months, only because of circumstances outside anyone’s control happening across the nation in terms of supply chain disruptions. However, our project team was consistently there, every workday, along with our Project Manager who oversaw every inch of progress and provided direction.

“There were really no gaps where people didn’t show up. This kept our comfort levels really high.”

Did any small issues bubble to the surface? Sure. They always do, but we wasted no time and got them promptly addressed. For example, we installed a stackable washer-dryer unit with beautiful cabinetry above it that ended up having a small gap between the dryer and the bottom of the cabinets.

The Desouza’s didn’t see it or view it as a mistake, but our Project Managers take every detail seriously. We settle for nothing less than flawless work. So we immediately had someone come out, adjust the cabinets, and remove the gap for a nice clean look.

The Result?

Not only is their family ecstatic with the results and the dramatic improvements to their home, but they’ve already sent us referrals. This is one of the most sincere signs of great workmanship. More than that, it shows trust. It shows they had a great experience with us!

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