Hogue Testimonial

There Was No Question Who To Call When It Was Time To Remodel Her Bathroom

“They Have A Process And You Know It’s Going To Be Handled The Right Way”

Lisa Hogue is a local designer and some of her clients have used Robbins Construction for their home remodeling projects.

“We’ve ended up working together on a half-a-dozen or so projects,” Lisa said. “Their quality and attention to detail are very good.”

She added: “They have a process and you know it’s going to be handled the right way.”

So when Lisa decided it was time to remodel the master bathroom in her own home, she didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call Robbins.

“I already knew they were easy to deal with and professional,” Lisa said. “They are not your typical ‘fly-by-night’ contractor.”

‘They’re Definitely On Trend’

As a designer herself, Lisa didn’t need a lot of guidance for product selection or design – she already had a pretty firm grasp on how she wanted the bathroom to look.

But she still liked working with Robbins Construction because she knows they can help bring out her vision and make concrete suggestions that improve the results.

“They’re definitely ‘on trend’ – they always bring good ideas to the table,” Lisa said.

For this project, Lisa particularly liked how she worked together with Robbins to come up with a larger shower opening that extended to the ceiling.

“It looks modern and new, and it really didn’t cost a lot more,” Lisa said.

‘They Took Total Responsibility’

There were several other reasons Lisa ended up very satisfied with her choice of Robbins Construction.

“I felt extremely comfortable with the installers in my home,” Lisa said. “The job site was always clean and they never left me a mess.”

She also realized later that she had left valuables out, but nothing was ever out of place or missing. She added: “They’re just great to work with – the integrity of the employees is definitely a big thing.”

The integrity at Robbins Construction also came out when something went wrong – some hardwood flooring near the bathroom was accidently damaged during the project.

“They took total responsibility and made it completely right,” Lisa said. “There was no arguing and they went above and beyond to fix it.”

Competitive & Honest Pricing

Lisa also mentioned that with her insider perspective on remodeling, she knows that Robbins is very competitive in their pricing for the quality of the project.

She also recommended homeowners make sure they are doing an apples-to-apples comparison when looking over bids from multiple Memphis area contractors.

“When you look at pricing, it’s important to know if it is for the same scope of work,” Lisa said. “I know someone who thought she was getting a better price, and then during the project she kept being told ‘that’s not included’ and ‘we didn’t include that.’ The contractor then asked for change orders. In the end, she didn’t get what she thought she paid for.”

Robbins Construction is different. First an accurate estimate range is given, and then Robbins works with the homeowner to fill out product selections so they can drill down to an exact quote BEFORE work starts.

The Results?

Lisa was very happy with how her master bathroom remodel turned out. “It was over and above even my expectations,” she said.

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