She’d Heard Many “Nightmare” Remodeling Stories… But Robbins Construction Was The Exact Opposite

“Without Exception, Everything Exceeded My Expectations”


Becky Portis and her husband were shopping for a home and they were excited to find one in great shape. They did, however, want to make some changes before moving in.  

“It was in immaculate condition, nothing needed repaired, but we did want to update it before we moved in,” Becky said. 

That meant finding the right remodeling company – a process that made Becky a little wary.

“We heard so many horror stories about remodeling projects,” she said. “The number of nightmare projects with contractors we’ve heard about is almost unbelievable.”

As she searched for a contractor, she discovered that Robbins Construction was very near the new home and that they had an office with a showroom.

“I said, ‘this guy has an office and is right here in Germantown’,” Becky said. “This isn’t a guy in paint-smattered overalls, rolling up to your house smoking in his old truck.”

Congratulations From The Entire Office

Since the Robbins office & showroom was so close by, Becky decided to just drop in.

She liked the friendly vibe and the professional feel right away, but it was one thing in particular that made her feel like she’d found the right team. 

“I walked in and said that we needed a remodeler because we’d just found a house we were buying,” Becky said. “And when everyone heard we were about to buy a house, every single person in the office stopped what they were doing, turned around, smiled, and said ‘congratulations.’ That told me how it was there. These are genuinely good people to work with.”

‘I Know That’s Crazy’

Becky and the team at Robbins Construction scheduled a time to meet at the home the Portises were buying so they could talk about the project in more detail. She could tell right away that they were a company with professional processes and a friendly manner. 

Becky said she hadn’t intended to only talk to one contractor, but changed her mind after her meetings with Robbins Construction.

“I didn’t even want to call anybody else,” Becky said. “I know that’s crazy – to not get another option – but I could tell they were the right choice.”

‘I Never Felt I Was On My Own’

The project started as 2 remodels, a kitchen and a master bath, but soon evolved to include much more, including some exterior work and a new laundry room. As the project progressed, Becky came to trust the collaborative approach that Robbins encourages.

“We did a lot of selecting at their showroom, but we also used Pinterest and they also gave me a list of places to go if I wanted to see other things,” Becky explained. “There was no pressure to select from them, but I never felt I was on my own either.”

Becky added that they helped her with the process of bringing together a cohesive vision. “For example, in the kitchen, the designer told me to select my countertop first. I wondered why at first, but I did it that way and it was the right way to do it. Everything came together beautifully.”

portis master bath after image

Connecting With The Project Manager

When Becky was asked about how the project management was during the project, she didn’t hesitate:

“Ben [project manager] is now a friend – we give each other a hug when we greet and when we part,” Becky said. “One of the things I liked was near the beginning he said, ‘I’m very particular [about the work being done right]’. And I said, ‘oh good – I’m very particular, too!’”

She liked that Ben made it easy to communicate often by text message, and she loved that the project management at Robbins Construction was always on top of everything.

“There was never a time that anybody was a ‘no-show,’ Becky said. ‘I don’t think those happen with Robbins.”

Exceeding Expectations

Becky couldn’t say enough good things about the whole experience and the results.

“Without exception, everything exceeded my expectations,” Becky said. “I watch HGTV like everyone else and they show you everything in an hour. Of course, it takes a lot more time and effort than that – that’s what Robbins does – they put in the time to make it right. I gave them some special requests and they would find a way to do it every time. And each time it was actually better than I had thought.”

She specifically pointed out her kitchen island as something recommended by the Robbins team that turned out fantastic.

“They said, ‘I think we can do this’ and then it ended up being fabulous,” Becky said. “It was nothing I could’ve dreamed of, but I really love it.”

Overall, the project grew over time. Becky listed all of these updates done by Robbins Construction: a new kitchen, master bath, laundry room, powder room, as well as new shutters, front door replacement, new light fixtures, and several small touches like new door stops, hinges, and more. 

She also ended up getting all her new kitchen appliances through Robbins after comparing their prices to other sources. “I was happy to get it through them – their quote on the appliances was better than anything I could find.”

‘A True Pleasure’

In the end, the Portis’ felt lucky to have found Robbins Construction.

“I know from others how hard it is to find somebody. What a true pleasure it was – we’re just blessed that we had Robbins to do it,” Becky said. “We’ve heard from so many others about their projects, saying ‘it has been a nightmare.’ Ours was the opposite. It was a dream come true.”

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“Robbins Construction recently completed a bathroom remodel for our family and did an amazing job! All of the staff we worked with provided great feedback, timely service, and a beautiful final product. I would highly recommend Robbins Construction to family and friends.”

Heather H.
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“Robbins Construction recently completed a bathroom remodel for our family and did an amazing job! All of the staff we worked with provided great feedback, timely service, and a beautiful final product. I would highly recommend Robbins Construction to family and friends.”

Heather H.

“We highly, highly recommend! We hired Robbins Construction to manage a complete lower-level renovation due to water damage from a dishwasher event. Because we felt confident in their capabilities and quality, we also included remodeling/upgrades.”

Jody U.

“From the initial prep to protect floors, furniture and seal-off work areas, to demo, construction, painting, floor refinishing, HVAC work, finished and clean-up— all of the Robbins crews were efficient and conscientious.”

Rick C.

“The final product exceeded our expectations, the quality, the details, and still on budget. But, most importantly, they stand behind their work and won’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied. We love our new kitchen and highly recommend Robbins Construction.”

Roberto N.

“From the beginning, the professionalism and understanding of the project were evident. Throughout the entire remodeling process, you demonstrated outstanding attention to detail, communication, and dedication.”

Ray S.

“Project exceeded our expectations both in terms of quality of construction and the process. Project completed ahead of schedule, exactly on budget, and our punch list of final things to touch up…consisted of not one thing. Project couldn’t have gone any better, I give Robbins Construction my highest recommendation!”

Arthur B.

“They did excellent work in a timely manner. It was truly enjoyable to work with these wonderful people. I’m sure you’ve heard nightmares about renovating your home. I can honestly say, working with Robbins has been a dream come true!!! Thank you Robbins Construction for transforming our house into our dream home!!!”

Rebecca P.