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5 Defining Features of Robbins Construction...Why We Mesh Well With East Memphis Homeowners

As you browse through our remodeling project Galleries, be sure not to get so mesmerized by the results that you miss the fine details. All the materials are of the highest-quality and dependable. Your project manager will take you through the process of choosing them, step by step, before any construction begins.

Arguably the most popular feature of our business is us, who we are as people. We’re friendly professionals with a love for this industry and love for this part of America. From the moment you contact us all the way through to the final handshake, your experience will be one where we all feel like part of the same family.

Our process is personable, yes, but also line-by-line transparent. We progress prudently, first providing budgeting ranges and estimates, on into very specific and detailed costs analysis, and so on. There are no surprises. No unexpected unagreed-to charges. No nonsense financials with Robbins Construction.

This is what we’re known for in East Memphis. If we were a hotel, we’d be 5-star (Roulhac). If we were a restaurant, we’d be considered fine dining (Acre). Not because we’re pompous or snooty, but because we take this work and customer service seriously. We feel we’re more classic in this respect than avant garde. 

Respectful. Clean & Courteous. Professional with acute sensitivity for the fine details, whether we’re building you a new custom home or just helping with some roof maintenance work. We’re meticulous planners, and we put heavy emphasis on unflinching world-class Project Management - critical - with honest open communication.

What It’s Like Working With Some of The Best Remodelers in Memphis

Along with our growing host of 5-star reviews and testimonials, another resource to see exactly what it’s like to work with us is our process.

The reason our Galleries are so spectacular and why there are so many amazing independent photographs published online by our customers, is because we’re careful. We don’t step into a project unless we become convinced we’re a good match to suit your vision.

An engaging home remodeling experience is personable, so let’s very briefly look at the initial four steps in our 10-step process:

Let’s get to know one another better. We’d love to get to know your goals, vision, the issues you’re having with the property and where you’d like to focus budgeting. On the other hand, we want you to get to know our business model and how we do things to see if we’re a good fit.

If it’s thumbs up all around, from here we’ll ask for either a $1,000 deposit or 3% of the professionally estimated cost (depending on the overall size of the project). Later applied to your project, this allows us to dedicate serious resources to initially planning and designing what’s going to happen. 

After you get your project design and choose us, you get your online project portal using our user-friendly software. This is where all your docs, communications, alerts, photos, resources, etc., will be located and evolve throughout the life of your project. You’ll have complete 24/7 access to everything.

Your dedicated project manager will dig deeply into the fine details with you step by step. Most East Memphis homeowners come visit the showroom in Germantown to get hands-on help picking materials and products. This is then translated into final project design & final quote.

While that’s an oversimplified perspective of our process, you can see it’s very structured. By the time any paperwork is signed, everyone is really happy and there aren’t any unpleasant surprises. That said, here’s a quick peak at our capabilities as a full-service residential remodeler.

A Partial List of Our Residential Remodeling Services

Our Service Area Focus - Central & Eastern Memphis

Wondering if you’re within our reach? We wish we could be the go-to for the entirety of Memphis, but unfortunately that would water down our business model far too much and take away too much healthy free market competition from the region.

Below is a bullet-point view of how we break it down. If you’re within these areas, there’s a high likelihood we can work together on your home.

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