How We Avoid 2 MAJOR Remodeling Complaints Don’t Get Stuck With The Wrong Contractors! Here’s How We Avoid The 2 Biggest Mistakes In The Industry.

Did you know the U.S. saw a huge number of complaints sent to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about remodeling contractors in 2020?

Americans during average years before 2020 spent hundreds of billions on residential remodels and had plenty to grit their teeth about. But when they were forced to stay indoors far more than usual for months and months on end…

  • Demand went through the roof for both interior and exterior remodeling projects. Roughly 975,000 people contacted the BBB about contractors. Consider that number plus all the homeowners who didn’t reach out, or just used their website.
  • Homeowners were looking to invest in their homes in a big way.
  • Despite supply chain disruptions, longer-lead times, increased costs for construction materials, and various restrictions, remodeling was considered vital.

And what were most of the complaints about?

First, homeowners felt they didn’t get the value they paid for. Their contractors didn’t meet expectations. Meaning, they shelled out big bucks for bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and all else, but got quick, shoddy, and substandard work.

Some of it had to do with a shortage of skilled and qualified workers/installers and supply chain disruptions. And…some of the issues were because of a large number of ‘fly by night’ contractors who sought to cash in on unprecedented circumstances. Reputable, popular, and highly-reviewed contractors were too busy for new projects, so folks had little else to turn to.

Not surprisingly, the second major complaint was, well, about contractors never showing up at all or doing any work…

Can you imagine how horrible that would be?

At Robbins Construction, this kind of behavior is impossible. We live here in the Greater Memphis area. We’re raising our families here. We have a Germantown showroom and construction office. Our reputation as a full-service residential remodeler was built through hard work, people-first service, and outstanding results over the course of 16+ years!

Let’s talk about solutions.

Get Your Hands On One High-Quality Or Multiple Referrals

A conventional way to go about the initial vetting is to talk to three-to-five contractors and collect really generalized bids. We don’t agree with this approach. Not at all.


Because it’s far better to work on a referral basis.

  • Who are people in your area using for home remodeling and renovations, and can you chat with a few of them? Look for companies like Robbins who’ve maintained local showrooms and offices.
  1. Have you been in someone’s home who recently had some work done that you admired? Don’t be afraid to ask, because most homeowners who have good experiences are more than happy to share the information.
  2. When you hop online, who are the genuine 5-star reviews going to and what are they saying? Not the one-liners, but the passionate reviews of a paragraph or more. Referral platforms like Angie’s List can also be helpful in your search.

Most of our clients are from referrals, and we appreciate every one. This means they’ve heard about us directly, seen a bit of our work, and already have a decent idea of how our process works before we sit down together.

Next: A Free Consultation + An Experienced Estimate Range

paramount issue is budgeting. One way to know you’re in good hands is to begin exploring how contractors deal with the numbers. Are they careful? Are they systematized? Are they deeply concerned about keeping everything clear and honest?

Unless you happen to be an interior decorating specialist or remodeling expert yourself, you’re putting a TON of trust into a contractor to charge you appropriately. Initially, it should be about estimating major milestones rather than trying to quote the job.

For Example: If we’re talking about a kitchen remodel, the initial consultation should give you qualified estimates around your core goals.

  • Layout Changes, Modifications, and Reconfigurations
  • New or Refurbished Materials, Finishes, and Hardware
  • New Cabinetry, Flooring, Counters, Extra Storage Space
  • New Additions, New Windows/Lighting Fixtures, and Islands
  • New Appliances and Systems: Plumbing, Mechanical, etc.

This allows us to give you a dependable ballpark estimate, prior to having made any precise Product & Material Choices. If you agree with our estimate range for your project, then we can take a 3% deposit to start creating detailed remodeling design work, including all the line-by-line specifics for a rock-solid quote that leaves no stone unturned.

LONG before any work begins, you already know you’re dealing with a qualified, accomplished professional team that’s going to come through.

Note: You can dig deeper into our overall process by reading “What To Expect When You Hire Robbins Construction

Solution #2: Work With Problem Solvers, Not Avoiders

All too often when homeowners in your position are interested in remodeling, they get set on their vision rather than the journey. It simply can’t be overstated: who you choose to work with will determine not only your results but the overall experience of getting from A to Z.

One aspect to really focus on is problem resolution.


  • How do they approach problems? Or, do they claim to be perfect?
  • Can they show you how they’ve resolved issues in previous projects?
  • Are they the kind of company that tackles them head-on, or tries to shift blame?

Our policy is to never avoid but to resolve. Every project has unforeseen challenges, and unexpected things pop up. It’s the nature of the universe. Make sure you’re working with a contractor that takes the bull by the horns, fixes problems, addresses issues, stays accountable, and communicates openly every step of the way.

Wrapping Up: Avoiding Big Remodeling Headaches Can Be Easy

The first step is to focus on referrals. You need to talk with people. Collect those instead of generalized bids because this way you have a much better idea of what to expect. Not just in terms of results, but budgeting, approach, problem resolution, and the experience of working with them.

Remember to keep your eye on the process, and should you find yourself in a position where all reputable contractors are too busy, just wait. Don’t make a hasty decision and choose the wrong remodeler. To say it’s not worth it would be an understatement.

If you’re in the Greater Memphis, TN area, Contact Robbins Construction or come stop by our beautiful showroom. We’ll be happy to show you what a truly remarkable remodeling experience can be like.

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