Finding The Right Handyman In Arlington, TN It’s Invevitable…You’ll Need A Local Handyman At Some Point. Here’s How To Find The Right One!

Even when all the renovation in your home is done, at some point you’ll need general handyman services. It might be that you want a room painted or a ceiling fan installed, or it might be that something small has broken and needs repairs. Chances are you’ll need a handyman more than once, so it helps to know of a reliable one that you can keep coming back to. How do you find a good handyman in Arlington, TN? Here are a few of our tips:

Ask Around

You’re likely not the only homeowner you know. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers what handyman companies they’ve worked with and whether or not they would recommend them. You can form a list of trustworthy handyman companies from people who have similar priorities to your own, and you can hear about their experiences first-hand rather than simply reading a review online. Of course, you’ll want to do further research before you simply hire your next door neighbor’s favorite handyman, but this is a good place to start.

Visit Your Local Hardware Store

You’re not likely to find your handyman themselves at the hardware store — unless it’s just a great coincidence. But what you will often find is bulletin boards. Handymen or handyman companies who want to gain local traction will often post ads for their business in hardware stores, including contact information and possibly a website where you can look into their services further to determine whether they’re right for you. The local hardware store owners might also know of some good handyman companies in the area.

Check Industry Review Sites

You can find reviews for all kinds of businesses on sites like Google or Yelp, and you may find the handyman you want there. However, there may be a lot to wade through before you find them. On the other hand, there are industry-specific review sites designed to help people find the right home improvement professional for them. Angie’s List, while it covers all manner of industries, is perhaps most popular when it comes to home improvement. HomeAdvisor deals specifically with all things related to the home. Houzz is another great option for an industry specific review site where you can read up on the experiences of past customers of various handyman professionals.

Get on Nextdoor

Nextdoor isn’t necessarily a place to find handyman services, but it is a place to connect with your neighbors. Nextdoor is a social media app specifically geared towards connections within your neighborhood. However, due to the nature of the app, you’ll often find people asking for advice or resources from their neighbors on Nextdoor. You’re likely to find neighbors there who have recently hired a handyman. Put out a post asking for recommendations and see what comes in.

Ask For References

Between all of these resources, you should have formed a list of a few handyman professionals in your area. You can research these professionals, check their websites and reviews. But from there, ask for references. They may have examples of their past work or contact information from past customers that you can speak to yourself. If their past customers are happy enough with their reliable service to offer them a reference, that speaks well of the professional.

Compare a Few Quotes

Once you’ve thoroughly done your research, you can also get quotes to give you an idea of just how much their services would cost. A quote often provides more than just an estimated cost, but a breakdown of what goes into each part of the cost. They may be able to offer you a consultation in order to explain exactly what you will get for your money.
We recommend getting a few quotes not to simply settle for the cheapest quote but to compare what you’re getting for your money. One handyman may offer you a cheap quote, but their services might be limited, while another might be worth the investment. Compare the full package of what you can get from each handyman professional, not just the upfront cost.

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