“I Kissed A Lot Of Frogs To Find The Princes” …Or Why You’ll Be Comfortable With The Installers I Send To Your Home

Hi, this is Donald Robbins, owner of Robbins Construction. There’s a really important topic in home remodeling that not many contractors want to talk about, but I’m going to talk about it anyway.

It has to do with the quality of installers in home remodeling. And when I talk about quality, I mean much more than just the quality of the workmanship. I’m also talking about things like taking a little pride in appearance, always being courteous and being friendly.

Too many Memphis area remodeling contractors are willing to settle for installers that miss those marks.

You might even have experienced this yourself when you’ve had workers in your home for other jobs.

Some of these guys make you wonder if they’re working in the clothes they slept in last night. Or if they even own a comb and a toothbrush. Or if they think your yard is an ashtray.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that someone be good at their work, and also take a little pride in their appearance and be a super courteous guest in your home.

I wish I could say I only knew about this problem 2nd hand, but after 15 years in business, I can tell you I learned about these problems the hard way.

As I’ve been known to say: “I’ve kissed a lot of frogs over the years to find the princes.”

We Learn From Our Mistakes (And The Sad Truth Is Many Contractors Don’t)

Here’s what makes Robbins Construction different from many home remodeling companies: we pay close attention to the quality of our installers, and actively weed out anyone who misses the mark.

You’d think that most contractors would do the same.

But actually that’s not usually the case. From what I’ve seen, most contractors seem to keep making the same poor hiring decisions over and over on each project.

Maybe it’s because they’re afraid to confront someone and just tell them they’re not right for the job. Sometimes they’re too disorganized to plan ahead and so just end up calling the same guys last minute on every project.

I know personally that it can be hard to make changes. In fact, the truth is this: when I first started this business, I wasn’t very good at getting rid of bad apples either.

The problem was I could be a little naïve and would too easily believe what anyone who worked for me told me. But after suffering in the School of Hard Knocks for a few years, I realized that not being picky hurt me, my business, and my customers.

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Here’s The Mandatory Standards Required Of Robbins Installers

Now it’s to the point where people say I’m “so stinking picky” about my installers. (I consider that a compliment, by the way!).

Here’s what I require from my installers. (Anyone who fails these tests is ‘outta here’):

  • Does high-quality workmanship and pays attention to the details
  • Does what he says he’s going to do (especially showing up as scheduled)
  • Cares about his appearance (things like khaki pants, shirt tucked in, etc. – I’m not looking for guys in 3-piece suits – just show me you care a little bit!)
  • Being super, super considerate. Politeness and respect are absolutely mandatory – no exceptions.

Now don’t get me wrong on how I make decisions on who to hire and who to retain. I don’t judge people by the stuff that doesn’t matter.

  • I don’t care if they’re big or small, or short or tall. 
  • I don’t care if someone has a particular accent (or doesn’t have a particular accent).
  • I don’t care about their race, religion, or anything else like that.

If they’re good at what they do, show some care about their appearance, and are very courteous to our customers and their homes, that’s what I’m looking for. Period.

There’s Almost Always A Connection Between The Courtesy Of An Installer And The Quality Of Their Work

Here’s something else I’ve learned over the years (and it makes complete sense when you think about it):

How an installer presents himself in terms of appearance and courtesy is a very good predictor of how good their installation work will be.

When you pay attention to the details of your appearance and how you treat people, you also tend to be the kind of person who is conscientious about the details of your work.

So paying attention to how a person presents themselves and how courteous they are also has helped me find some of the best installers, too.

Our Team of Princes

Of course, one thing I won’t do is tell you we’ll always be perfect. We’re all human and mistakes happen.

What I can say for sure is that I’ve worked hard over the years to get rid of the frogs and build a team of ‘Princes’ so mistakes and problems are kept to a minimum.

And if anything falls below standard or a mistake happens, reach out to me. I promise a fast and appropriate resolution.


Donald Robbinsowner.

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