Why We Meet Once A Week As A Company And Discuss One All-Important Thing: Our Customers

Here at Robbins Construction, we’ve been very fortunate as a local Memphis-area Residential Remodeler & Construction Company.

Without tooting our own horn too much, we can say we’re successful…and thriving thanks to our customers!

2020 was an incredibly busy year and on New Years 2021, after close to eighteen years in business, we decided it was time to establish regular company-wide meetings.

While our crews, designers, projects managers, and office personnel have all been working like a well-oiled machine, moving forward we felt it was time to ensure everyone is always on the same page.

Once a week, we’ve been getting together for two hours, solidifying and building our company culture and laser-focusing our core values.

What Do We Discuss? Why Does It Matter For Me?

We keep close tabs on supply chains. They simply aren’t what they used to be. Will they ever return to pre-2020 levels? To some degree, yes, but maybe not completely. We keep a close eye on the situation regardless so we can be realistic with customers and set realistic expectations. Whether we’re building you an Outdoor Kitchen or remodeling your bathroom, it matters.

We take a look at each week’s progress and find ways to improve, improve, improve. Often this requires us to find better or high-quality materials as part of our strict No Junk Allowed policy.

We keep our needs/goals as a company top of mind. For example, when we’re looking for new highly-skilled professionals to join team Robbins, or we’re renovating and upgrading our showroom, etc.

We put any customer issues that might’ve popped up on the table for open discussion, to innovate solutions, and get them promptly addressed.

We also take time to go over, and over, and over our Core Values with a focus on cleanliness, courteousness, and communication.

What this has done is helped us maintain a near impeccable record of satisfactions with our customers. Meaning we can honestly tell you that in the last three years alone, we’ve had very few complaints.

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As you browse our customer reviews, you see the ongoing fruits of this labor: happy customers who end up saying something along these lines in one way or another:

Robbins are incredible in terms of results, sure, but they’re also just about the nicest and most polite bunch of professionals anywhere in the Greater Memphis area!

We pride ourselves on that common sentiment. We really do. As a company we aren’t seeking fame and fortune, or looking to present ourselves as glamorous or glitzy… just to do great work with great people.

Final Word: You Can Truly Rest Easy With Robbins

If you’re a homeowner in the greater Memphis area, we cordially invite you to come on down and visit our extensive showroom. You can also use our website to reach out and Contact Us.

We’d be happy to hear from you, take the time to listen to your needs and goals, and see if we’re the perfect contractor to meet them. Thanks for your time today, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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