How Bringing Your Kitchen Renovation Together Is A Lot Like Coaching A Girls Basketball Team

We’re much more than just a premier Memphis home remodeling and construction company here at Robbins Construction. We’re a part of the local community in many ways!
One of those ways happens to involve our owner, who has coached his daughter’s basketball team the last 4 years.
During one of the first seasons, he helped those feisty girls achieve a perfect undefeated record!
But then they tried to up their game and join a more advanced league and had a miserable season(almost no wins).
That said, let’s look at a few important lessons that relate to both girl’s basketball and remodeling a beautiful home.

First Lesson: We Don’t Get Involved When We Aren’t A Good Match

Second Lesson: You’ve Got To Properly Manage All The Players

Third Lesson: You Can’t Fake Or Manufacture Great Synergy

Are you ready for your next remodeling project? Let us take it to the next level. Schedule a free consultation today! 

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