How Bringing Your Kitchen Renovation Together Is A Lot Like Coaching A Girls Basketball Team

We’re much more than just a premier Memphis home remodeling and construction company here at Robbins Construction. We’re a part of the local community in many ways!
One of those ways happens to involve our owner, who has coached his daughter’s basketball team the last 4 years.
During one of the first seasons, he helped those feisty girls achieve a perfect undefeated record!
But then they tried to up their game and join a more advanced league and had a miserable season(almost no wins).
That said, let’s look at a few important lessons that relate to both girl’s basketball and remodeling a beautiful home.

First Lesson: We Don’t Get Involved When We Aren’t A Good Match

When it comes to Memphis Kitchen Renovations we’re extremely prudent. We take the time to sit down with homeowners like you, get to know you, listen intently to your needs, examine all the variables, and explore whether we’re a good fit. Some folks aren’t ready. Or, they aren’t specifically looking for the high-end caliber of work we focus on.

Second Lesson: You’ve Got To Properly Manage All The Players

Professional kitchen renovations in Memphis or anywhere else in the country require a team effort: electricians, designers, plumbers, laborers, manufacturers, carpenters, etc. And if they aren’t properly managed or aren’t used to working together as a unit, performance and workmanship won’t be at the level they need to be for impeccable results.
Each player or professional brings skills to the table.
Their insights and approaches to their work.
Their unique experiences in the home remodeling industry.
And, individual personalities.
Just like a sports team.
A good coach harnesses each player’s strengths and provides a framework to excel as a team (often reflected in the company’s history/record of Customer Reviews).

Important Considerations Regarding Whether A Kitchen Renovation Is Worth It

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One of the great things about Robbins Construction is that we have a VERY solid, well-rounded group of professionals.Are we undefeated when it comes to our residential remodeling projects? No. We’ve made mistakes along the way and learned from each. We’re not perfect.
We’re like the Senior basketball team who’s been playing together since they were in early middle school. We’re not the new kids on the block or the freshmen team.
Year after year, project by project, renovation by renovation, we’ve continued getting better throughout the decades.

Third Lesson: You Can’t Fake Or Manufacture Great Synergy

Simply put: Great synergy comes with experience. There’s no substitution. You can’t fake it. And homeowners can tell whether the home remodeling team working on their kitchen renovation is just a hodgepodge of random individuals or a finely-tuned machine. When they see Robbins on time every day doing splendid work, they say,

“These guys have been playing together for a long time!”

We set each other up for success. We care for one another. And we’re strong enough so that when members move on to other careers or leave the team, we can swiftly replace them and keep the work moving along smoothly.
To learn more about us, we cordially invite you to stop by our beautiful Germantown showroom. Or, you can grab your phone and Contact Robbins Construction at your earliest convenience.

We’re excited to meet you and introduce you to your all-star remodeling team!

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